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Flight flirtation: follow up or not

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  • Flight flirtation: follow up or not

    So exchanged pleasantries and some easy going flirtation with an absolutely gorgeous guy on a recent flight. We didn't exchange names but I have since figured out his detail. He is way out of my league but he was super nice and I was wondering about sending a LinkedIn connection as we work in same industry. But as we didn't exchange names: would this be stalker-y?

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    If he had wanted you to get in touch, he would have left you with the information you needed to contact him directly. You wouldn't have had to track him down.
    If you really want to contact him, go ahead. You have little to lose, if you don't mind this guy thinking you're creepy.
    But if it were me, I wouldn't reach out.
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      I also think it will come across as creepy. You must have done some psycho-level digging to find his details!

      But I guess as Ayla says you don't have anything to lose by sending him a LinkedIn message.

      Just because someone's by your side, it doesn't mean they're on your side.


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        I disagree that she has nothing to lose.
        She is in the same industry as him, her creepy behaviour might bite her in the ass one day when she is up for promotion and he is on the interview panel lol


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          Too much chasing on your part in my estimation. I think you liked him more then he liked you and wouldn't it be hitting the sweet spot even more intensely if he were to find you and reach out first? Least then you'd know he was as into you as you seem to have been smitten by him.
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            LinkedIn is harmless and a networking/professional medium. Are you just hitting on him because he's gorgeous and "nice" or does his pretty face lead to any substance? What else do you know about him? Are either of you married or attached?

            If you're in the same industry, remember that getting yourself stupidly involved with someone or flirting online (if he's overseas) can still damage your reputation in your industry. Think this through a second time if it's worth it. From your initial post he just sounds like a new shiny thing. They're all over the place, you know. You don't have to throw a line out that far or shit where you eat.