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do you guys think she's trying to avoid me?

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  • do you guys think she's trying to avoid me?

    so idk if shes trying to avoid me or not but the other day at work i was giving people there food at their table & when i went look over i saw the girl i used to liked back in high school just sitting at the table with her boyfriend & i just stood there looking at her from afar & she was looking at me too. but then i looked away & went back to work. now i keep seeing her boyfriend buying food there 2 times but i guess she doesnt wanna go with him because maybe she doesnt wanna see me.
    but then the next day when i went out with my friends at the mall i guess she was there with her boyfriend & was talking about me because when i turn around i saw him looking at me but then looked away.

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    Who cares?
    She has a boyfriend. You're not in high school anymore.
    Why bother wasting your energy thinking about her?
    Move on with your life.
    You can't control the waves, but you can learn to surf


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      She likely said to her bf, that she used to go to school with that guy over there. And thatís it. Nothing more to it.
      Just because he buys food there when heís not with her , means absolutely nothing.

      She he has a bf and you are analysing something that doesnít exist. What a waste of energy.