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    I need some advice regarding a co-worker I really like, and have become friends with over the years. The short verison is we work closely together, and she is also my supervisor so yea...

    I've wanted to ask her out for years but never could work up to it mostly due to the above reasons. I figured I'd ask her out once I got a new job, but I have no idea how long that will be at this point as I didn't really expect to be in my current job as long as I have. So anyhow I have no idea how to go about asking her out or if theres even a way to do it without it being really awkward especially if she says no. Which lets face it wouldn't surpise me at all given she is my supervisor/how closely we work together. I'm pretty sure everyone will say don't do it, but if not is there any alternative here that I can somehow tell her how I feel or let her know I'm intererested?

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    NO. I would not ask her out nor tell her how you feel because this can get messy and complicated. Use common sense. She is your supervisor so remain professional at all times. Should your relationship sour with her which could happen, think how awkward it will be not to mention you could jeopardize your job. Do you want to lose your bread 'n butter? It's not worth it. Be wise and pursue your love interest OUTSIDE your professional life. Best to play it safe IMHO.
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      dating your female boss will have tragic results for both of you. wait till one of you work somewhere else. this relationship will never last.


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        Is she single?
        Has she ever given you any real indication that she would say yes?
        How have you interacted on works next guys out?
        Do you lunch together?
        Have you ever met her outside of work?
        Is she the same age as you?


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          Originally posted by Maggiemay4791 View Post
          Is she single? Yes
          Has she ever given you any real indication that she would say yes? Hard to say, but after thinking about it abit more, I'd say she probably would if we didn't work together but probably unlikely I guess in our current status working together.
          How have you interacted on works next guys out? I'm not following on this one
          Do you lunch together? Yes
          Have you ever met her outside of work? Somewhat yes
          Is she the same age as you? Yes
          So yea, sounds like it would probably be a bad idea to ask her out as I figured, but is there anyway I can atleast gauge her level of interest here?


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            of course, ask her "if you were not my supervisor would you consider dating me"? direct approach is always best with women.


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              This is a bit silly. Why would you put your career in jeopardy for one woman? Are pickings really that slim where you are or are you that desperate? I think you should re-evaluate your priorities and take up a sport. You're focusing on the wrong things and dangerously confused.