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  • Post-First Date advice?

    Hi all. Me and a girl finally got to go out, and we had a great time! We hit it off and it went much better than I thought it would. We got dinner and talked for hours. She then texted me afterwards thanking me and saying how she had a good time. She even got the waitress to take a picture of us afterwards. She also texted me the day after and we talked via text for a while. We are both in college and are athletes too. I texted her "hey!" today and haven't heard back yet. I don't know if I am overthinking this, but i am a little confused as to why she texted me first 2 days in a row (After the date that same night and the next day), and I text her the next day and don't hear back. As we were leaving the restaurant, we talked in the parking lot for a while and discussed making plans to go out again too. Maybe she's busy? I don't know. Just weird how she didn't reply to me today. But our date went great!

    Like I said we really hit it off and both of us want to go out again. What should I do?

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    Ready for the best advise ever- DON'T TEXT. It is horrible in the beginning of a relationship. There's way too much opportunity for a misunderstanding. Plus "hey" isnt really needing a response. You would have to assume she has the same emotion as you in that moment to reciprocate the greeting. If someone texted me "hey" i would smile thinking it doesn't need a response and he's letting me know he's thinking of me. Plus honestly, it's unattractive when guys overtext. It screams insecurity. Just dont say anything call in about 10 days or two weeks. If a guys too easy then he loses value. Girls don't want a guy that is super over eager. Its nice to play it cool, like all these other women are just as interested in you. Its attractive for women when a guy isn't too easy. "hey!" for no reason seems a bit odd. It shows you're insecure. Its not a big deal, but don't follow it up with anything and just go back to doing your own thing. Then if she messages you, take a half day to reply. Get some control a little, it will be better for you.


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      i hate being addressed as "hey" find it rude and derogatory. i never respond to "hey" text call outs. try something like "her given name had a great time with you and missing your sweetness at the moment"


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        Back off and allow her to make the next move and in the future, no more addressing others - especially a girl as "hey." I'm offended whenever anyone calls me "hey" verbally or written form. That is a no-no. Good luck.
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          I have to agree with the girls here!

          What were you thinking by texting "hey"??!?!

          If someone sent me that I would presume they pressed send prematurely and await the rest of the message?? Even if it was my sister!

          She's not busy. Your message didn't warrant a reply.
          I agree with not texting her again and call her in a week or so.


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            ...I don't think I'd even remember if someone sent me that. lol
            Try again and next time put a little more thought into it. You could be a little too subtle. Put your heart in it.