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Top Qualities Women Find Attractive in a Man

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  • Top Qualities Women Find Attractive in a Man

    What do women find attractive in men? It is not just about good looks, or your being nice that makes you attractive to women. Here are the 7 top qualities women find attractive in men.

    Honesty- Women want their partner to be honest above all things. They want to know the truth, however they want you to understand that there are shades of truth. Some ladies are upset if you say that you don't like what they look like in a dress they have just put on. They might be upset if you tell them the meal sucks or is burnt. Woman when polled by me consistently said honesty was on the top of the list, but I have found few people on earth can really handle people being really honest in all things.

    Sense of humor- Life can be tough. There are many pressures that can come in life and in a serious relationship. Women love to be with a man that can stop stressing and have a good laugh. If you are not good at humor try and take your loved one to a good women's movie or comedy often so she can have a good laugh with you.

    Good hygiene- Most ladies will not even tell you that you smell on the first date, they will simply not want to go on a second date. If you have a problem with hygiene and you are a bit of a genius like me, and you can miss a shower from time to time, you better at least shower and smell nice when you go out on a date.

    A good work ethic- Many men assume that women are only after money, yet if this was true un discovered artists and musicians and writers would never date or marry. A women wants to know how she will live and bring up children and a very low income is sometimes a barrier to a serious relationship, however a bigger barrier is a lazy man who has no intention of applying himself to anything worthwhile.

    Dependable and consistent- A women unless she has serious issues of her own emotionally does not want a person who is one person one day and another different person another day. She wants to see stability in your life. If you are always jumping from job to job, moving from house to house, and starting friendships and breaking them off again, any lady who is sane will see warning bells. You can be unique, creative and a free spirit and still be very consistent and dependable. If you are not this now you need to learn how to be.

    Patient- Women want to grow with you. They do not need success right away in life and many women possess a lot more patience than men. Women in this world are born with many disadvantages and it is always harder to succeed in a mans world for a women. A successful and confident women knows how to set goals and work day after day after her dreams. She will put the time into you and support you in your dreams but she does not want to live with an angry man that explodes all the time when he does not get what he wants when he wants.

    Loyal- Though women reserve the right to leave you if you are being abusive to them, o protect herself and her children, she also wants you to be loyal and stay with her though health struggles, financial hardship and anything else life can bring against you as a couple. If you are giving a lady an impression that it is your way or you are going to find someone else, a lady with good self esteem will either live very unhappy with you or leave you.

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    Jhosh, where do you find this crap?
    "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay


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      I can't speak for all women but these are the qualities I've found to be extremely attractive in a man and my husband:

      He is a moral man, does the right thing, treats others with respect, honor, well-mannered, polite, doesn't use foul language, empathetic, kind, a good guy.

      He possesses an intelligent sense of humor. He's so witty and makes me chuckle but he's NOT goofy.

      Doesn't have to belong on the cover of GQ magazine but fairly attractive. Not ugly but doesn't have to be a runway model either.

      He's very educated, has a stable, solid occupation, financially secure for LIFE.

      I don't care how great a guy is, if he's going to give you a hard life filled with financial hardship and struggle, he's not the one for me. I've had enough of that after observing my poor mother marry the wrong man. I vowed never to settle for second best and I vowed never to set myself up with a life filled with turmoil due to lack of money all the time. No way. My mantra: "Love don't pay the rent."

      He comes from a stable, loving, secure family, has great parents and siblings. I love his family with all my heart.

      My husband is trustworthy. Nothing is more beautiful than trusting the one you love.

      He's not chauvinistic. He helps me with everything: Errands, house chores, does yard work, very involved as a father just like his father was. He helps me with our sons and he takes good care of me! He's a very selfless man, extremely loyal and devoted to me. I'm one lucky lady!

      My best friend from 4th grade told me that I had a "Cinderella Story." After thinking about it, she was right. I found a gem and I know I'm extremely lucky and incredibly blessed.
      "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."


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        that is so not true in my experiences with girls they like strong handsome demanding lovers. good hygiene of course is important to everyone


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          Of course, a man showering daily is a given. That's a no brainer.

          A lot of women prefer not to endure financial hardship, period.

          A woman with high self-esteem will say, "Adios" IF she can afford to be financially independent otherwise she is hosed.
          "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."


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            money is important to everyone but some rich woman will support a guy that treats her right especially in the bedroom.

            i agree with you personally i only date well off guys that performed well in my bedroom