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Should I text girl after we made plans to go out on a first date this weekend?

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  • Should I text girl after we made plans to go out on a first date this weekend?

    So me and a girl are meeting up for the first time this coming Saturday for dinner. We made plans on Sunday. We are both college athletes (Football & Volleyball) and go to college 30 minutes away from each other. We have a streak on snapchat and engage in small talk on snapchat, but I haven't texted her since we made plans 3 days ago. I don't know if I should NOT text her...OR text her. Obviously I know it wouldn't be a good idea to talk too much prior to our date, but i'm not sure if not texting her at all is a good idea either. We have 'small talk' conversations on snapchat (we also have a streak..but not like that matters). What should I do to ensure that this first date goes right and how should I 'play my cards' I guess in terms of talking to her prior to us meeting up this weekend?

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    Maybe text her the day before and confirm that the date is still on. When she tells you that it is, let her know you're looking forward to seeing her then. You can chat with her more often when you get to know her better after your date.

    Have fun.
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      I agree with phasesofthemoon regarding texting to confirm prior to your dinner date and I say keep your communication brief!

      I've since learned from a failed relationship (with a distant relative in my case) that too much electronic correspondence such as text, email, IM isn't always a good thing. Actually, too much communication when it's not a voice on the phone or in-person can lead to a nasty argument or fight. At first, communication starts out all nicey-nice and then as you get closer and more intimate (not always only physical), there's more free reign to become very strongly opinionated in a negative way and ultimately, disaster rears its ugly head. In-person, there are facial expressions and face-to-face dialogue (or on the phone is ok. People tend to behave with better manners). There is something to be said about expressing your feelings TOO MUCH electronically compared to exercising discretion in-person and / or speaking on the phone IMHO. There are more emotional foul moods in writing and better manners in-person or so I've noticed. Some couples are careful when it comes to frequent electronic correspondence while other couples end up fighting more electronically. When you see each other in-person, it feels so awkward due to too much electronic contact. Ironically, the closest people in my life do not heavily correspond with me electronically yet we feel the closest in-person and on the phone occasionally. The relationship is kept fresh this way and prevents it from growing stale, boring, dull and emotional.
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        I would suggest that you don't text. Wait until two days before the date night and call her casually to see if shes still up to hangout. Calling is so much better when you dont know the person very much. You seem to like her a lot. If you like her too much its a little scary for her. Be cool and pretend you have other options but you like her a lot and have fun.