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Does this girl like me?

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  • Does this girl like me?

    I met this girl at the gym. She's relatively new. Long story short, met in a class, gave her the real name then teased her with fake names whenever she would forget. Ends up getting my real name (obviously she asked around). I catch her constantly looking at me. We did have quite a bit of fun together when we partnered up for one of the classes. On top of that, she didn't finish her work out because i asked her to join a class with me.

    The other day, I asked her if she was going to go to the gym party. She said she can't but replied back that we will hang out one day. Then she said something about Monday but she was at a distance so I didn't get it.

    Anyway, sounds like she likes me. But honestly, I dont get the look where her pupils dilate or even have a big smile. On top of that, she knows some people at the gym who dislike me. So who knows what they will tell her.

    What are your thoughts on this and what should I do?

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    Don't hesitate and don't let the fear of rejection hold you back. Keep waiting and she'll find someone else to be interested in. Ask her out, she'll probably say yes. If she says no, then you know and move on. It's not the worst thing that can happen. Just go for it. Today.


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      Lack of confidence is very unappealing. Approach her as if she is the one getting the benefit.
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        Ask her out for lunch or coffee. Get to know her better and you'll know whether or not to consider her just a gym buddy or something more. Couldn't hurt.
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          You would kick yourself if you passed up this opportunity!


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            She seems like she likes you, so I don't think that the people at the gym will matter. The name thing was cute and that look with the dilated pupils can easily be covered up. I think that you should just keep on being cute and talking to her, then she can feel more comfortable to express herself. Flirting is good, why rush?