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He lied about his first name.

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  • He lied about his first name.

    Met a guy online and after months he told me his real first name. Said he thought I might be a stalker. Is he a con artist? Should this bother me? He swears hes not lying about anything else.i really like him. I think?

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    I think lots of people give fake names on dating sites in order to keep safe. Do you know is last name... I think that's more important then his first. You say you met him online. Have you actually met him in person yet? Know where he lives? Are you even exclusively dating?
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      It's understandable that he concealed is real first name from you given that you met him online. He was most likely playing it safe as you should, too! Be careful though. If you intend to meet him in-person, you don't know what type of creep you're dealing with out there in cyberspace. Beware for your own safety's sake. You don't want to end up becoming a homicide case. You never know when dealing with Mr. Public. Watch your back.
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        If you have to ask, you're certainly getting a vibe and one that's stronger than your suspicion over a name. Don't tell me you're replying to every tom, dick and harry in the shed either. Be selective, don't have a bald, boring profile and good luck.


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          After months of chatting online only?
          Have you ever met him in person? And if you haven't then why continue chatting online?


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            I hate being lied to so I would drop him. It's very disrespectful. He chose to lie to you for months, so he didn't care about how you would feel to find out that you were deceived. Would you think it's disrespectful to lie to him about your name for months? I think you would. Don't tolerate it. Also, why is he covering his tracks so carefully? Seems like he has annoyed people before and wants to get away with it.