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Don't want to see this opportunity pass me by.

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  • Don't want to see this opportunity pass me by.

    Right so I'm a first year uni student in the second semester. For some time now i have noticed this Spanish/Portuguese girl in my class starring some times. There are times i'd just catch her starring and she'll quickly look away nervously or sometimes even keep the stare which then makes me nervous and a break the eye contact. And this isn't just one day, every time we are in the same class till this day we stare at each other i'd say. I have also noticed that she smiles when i talk to her and she does seem to want to listen to me talk even though I'm not a exactly talking to her at times. One time i was talking to another student and she was there but i wasn't talking to her at the time. I could see from the side of my eye the concentration she had on me while i was speaking. Now we haven't really talked to the point we know each other, just in class and no where else really, but i feel there's something going on because today, there was a clear signal. I kept a stare on her for a while she was called up to do something with her group. First she saw me looking then looked away. Then after a few seconds she looks back at me and we keep a stare for quite a bit and damn is she a fine piece of work. Now i don't want to start concluding because it could just end up she isn't interested but the signs are there. I have had stuff like this happen in the past were a girl seems to have interest in me, signs are positive and everything but because I'm not man enough to make the first move, they often lose interest. Any advice for a shy guy like myself would be much appreciated.

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    Start a conversation with her after class...nothing personal. Talk about something that went on in class and ask her some questions. That's a start.

    The next time it should be easier to talk to her.
    "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay


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      Starting a conversation seems like the best idea, you could also pretend to need help with something and ask her to help you or if there is ever a group project, try picking her as your partner. I think just talking to her will make it easier to be friends outside of class and then possibly more if you guys like each other! Good luck!


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        Thanks for the advice people.