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Girl I met not sending me any messages even though I'm sure she wants to date me?

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  • Girl I met not sending me any messages even though I'm sure she wants to date me?

    Long story short (ish), I met this girl in a club last week, we had so much in common and got along really well. We ended up kissing quite a bit and we were both a little drunk (a little). By the end of the night, she asked for my number and took a picture of us both together. She kept saying: "don't forget me" at least 4-5 times throughout the night so as you can imagine I'm really starting to think she likes me. She ended up texting me the next day and we chatted quite a bit. After a day or two she said she'd love to "settle the score another time". I ended up organising a date later that week. On the day of the date, she sent me a text saying that she had to cancel because she lost her wallet with all her cash in it including her ID and stuff. I know that was true, because she had told me she was going out for a birthday party the day before the date. She sounded incredibly apologetic, saying she was "really really sorry" - Later on she said she's "looking forward to seeing [me] x". I said to her that she can let me know when she's free and that we have all this week because I'm free. That was two days ago, we haven't messaged eachother since and I was the one who sent the last text. I'm beginning to think she's changed her mind or something. We've talked at least every day but yesterday was the first day where we haven't talked.

    My question: Do I message her something today and seem 'needy'? Or do I wait for her to make some effort to show me she really wants this? I'm aware I may sound like an overthinker after reading what I've just said but it feels much worse when you're the person involved which is why I'm reaching out on here. Thank you.

    (It's been like a week since I met her, and yet we still haven't seen each other)

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    I would wait at least a week before contacting her again. And use the phone not text.
    "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay


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      I wouldn't pursue it. You asked her out already and she was flaky. You shouldn't have to remind someone you're a hot catch.


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        I agree... don't contact her again. Let her come to you and if she doesn't, then you can chalk up her attention to being drunk and stupid.

        Don't chase after anyone that isn't Jonesing to be with you...

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