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Love my fiance but i cant stop flirting/texting other women

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  • Love my fiance but i cant stop flirting/texting other women

    Hello, five years ago I cheated on my then girlfriend who is now my fiance. She forgave me and I have been faithful up until 2 weeks ago. Although I didn' get physical I have been texting someone else. I live with her on her side of the planet. All my friends and family live at home. I FELT LONELY and that' why I done it.

    I love my fiance and her and my son mean the world to me. I'm afraid I'm going to loose them but I text other women to make me feel wanted or to fill that gap. I will never be with another women or have no desire to be but this helps me cope with my situation. So i need help. What should I do? Any opinions or advice on this would be great!

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    Go to therapy and work it out.
    Vow to not go on the internet unless its to skype with your family.
    Realize that you're being a selfish ass. You've already devastated your partner once with your addiction and neediness so vow to stop what you're doing and get busy doing things that will take your mind off your "poor me" bullshit.

    Why are you "on the other side of the planet" from your family?
    Why are you not recognizing that you have your own family now and they are with you?
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      You need to be forthright with your fiance and tell her the truth about your addiction. Honesty and telling the truth to her is real love even though it will hurt her. Why is it love? Because you'll respect her enough so she can decide whether or not she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. It's deceitful to be married and then have her find out later that you are not whom she thought she knew. You don't want her to eventually find out she married someone dishonorable. It sounds as if you have a conscience and you're not in denial about what you're doing which is emotional cheating. You obviously feel guilty which is good because if you truly love her, tell the truth and if you truly want to change for her and yourself for that matter, hopefully she'll forgive you as you prove your faithfulness and loyalty to her. Either do that or force yourself to stop immediately and exercise self-control before you end up with regrets and remorse.
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