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    So My friend met this guy online roughly 3 months ago, After about 2 weeks of talking to each other, the guy asked her out, as in being each others boyfriends and girlfriend. And she said yes, their 2 months is coming up, and she asked me if I thought if it was a good idea for her to go and spend her birthday week with him which is 4 months from now. I have no idea what to tell her because the reality of the situation is she has never met him before the relationship is entirely online. They have each other's numbers and snaps, and they talk every day but they live in different states. I want to be supportive of her, cause I'm happy if she happy. but I'm not even sure their relationship qualifies as a real relationship. I would be most appreciative of any response, to help me help her.
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    They do not have a real relationship. They have a computer romance. She sounds like a foolish little ninny, talking about going away with someone she doesn't know. You might want to warn her that this is how women wind up with their throats slit and lying in a canal.

    Tell her that she thinks very little of herself if she's willing to give herself to someone who has not proved in PERSON that he is worthy of her time.
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      If I were advising your friend, I'd say no or if she insists upon meeting this mysterious cyber guy, at least make sure all meetings are in a public place with a lot of people or perhaps you can accompany her. I would never trust some faceless guy and all the sweet talking charm on-line. It's risky. You don't know if the guy is dangerous, has ulterior motives, psycho, weird, a criminal, manipulative or a sociopath. This guy is a total stranger IMHO. A person cannot afford to be naive. It's the naive who are vulnerable, easy targets and easy victims. Beware. Safety first and foremost. Most of all, I'd say a big fat no to meeting this guy at all. Trust is not there.
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