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Is there any hope of getting my ex girlfriend back?

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  • Is there any hope of getting my ex girlfriend back?

    My girlfriend of 6 months broke up with me about two weeks ago. We had a great relationship and almost never fought or argued and we both cared about each other very much. The reason for breaking up she said was she did not know what her feelings were anymore and wasn't sure if she wanted to breakup or stay together. Before we broke up she said "Couples breakup and get back together all the time". I told her i respect her decision and we have no hard feelings. Ive realized my mistakes I made AFTER she broke up with me and I sent her a heartfelt apology about what i did wrong. It was nothing bad but there were definitely things I could have done better. She said i did not have to apologize and said it wasn't my fault, it was how she is feeling. She said she pushes people away that are close to her but doesn't want to and usually regrets it. I told her if the time comes my door will be open to her and I said I will remain hopeful but I cant let it stop me from living my life. She responded me saying "Im trying to get through it maybe I just need time" and also "We can both be hopeful just confused I guess and need time and space because if it was meant to be it was meant to be and if not we will move on". She texted me while she was drunk a few days ago and said "I still care about you I hope you know it hurts me just as much". She suffers with depression and still believe that she is just confused and will come around. Like I said im not gonna let the "hope" ruin or stop me from living my life. Yesterday she texted me that she has my W2 from work because we used to work together. I am now at another location and she could have easily given it to one of my coworkers instead of taking it and telling me I can pick it up from her. Could that be a good sign or am I overthinking?
    Im just trying to see if this is false hope or not. I truly believe she is the type of girl to be completely honest with me and that is why I still have hope. I just believe if we tried one more time we could be even happier

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    Please don't get your hopes up. She still is very fond of you and cares about you, but she stopped having romantic feelings for you. That's not going to be rekindled, in my opinion. All of her comments about pushing people away and she just needs time and is's all smoke and mirrors.

    It's over. She wants to explore other options and you need to start healing.
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      I wouldn't read into her mysterious messages to you too much. She sounds very mentally unstable. The real question is do you want to be in a relationship that flip flops all the time or as if you're on a dramatic rollercoaster going up and down? It's dizzying and she will drive you mad. She sounds flaky, indecisive and doesn't know what she wants. If I were you, get your W2, be cordial and don't get involved with a woman who is so insecure. She's too high-maintenance.
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