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i am not really sure about what i want

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  • i am not really sure about what i want

    hi everyone, i am quite ordinary high school student and a rookie over here, who might have a little problem. the situation is that i have known a girl, who is same age as me, for like 5-6 years, but we have previously communicated via internet only and at some point we really pissed off each other and she blocked me or sth. about a month ago, she sent randomly me a snapchat and i felt that it might be a chance for comeback. she was relatively friendly, considering the fact that we hadn't talked for some time and we slowly started getting back on track. we are still talking every day to each other and i kind of feel that our bond is getting stronger, but at the same time i am not 100% sure about it. a couple of weeks ago i decided to hit a club in the weekend and i asked her whether she is coming and she answered yes. in the beginning i was having some drinks with my lifetime best friend and his gf, but she texted me that she will be there in a moment and i went to meet her in the club's wardrobe. it was literally our first meet and we had known each other for 6 years by that time so we went in and she almost immediately started holding my hand, while i was busy locating my friend with his fiancee on dancefloor. at that moment i couldn't so we went to dance ourselves. she seemed to be really naughty compared to previous girls, with who i had attempted to achieve something. we were dancing on and suddenly her hands were wrapped around my neck and there occurred the moment when... we kissed. i remember girls from my class looking at us with strange faces DDD after that, everything went on as it was before the kiss, but for the second time i made a move myself and this one was even longer and hotter, i guess. before i took a taxi, we kissed and said goodbye to each other. last friday i made an appointment to meet in the city and she agreed to do so. on the meeting day, i asked what does she wanna do and she asked if i want to go to the cinema. i agreed and in the evening we sat down in the cafeteria before and had a cake over there. while heading to cinema, we were just talking about the music and our everyday lives. at cinema i bought the tickets and she was ok with that. i mean, she didn't even try to say that she wants to pay, so i guess i would consider this as a date. in the cinema she was keeping close, but we weren't holding hands and didn't kiss. but before we left, we had a strong and long hug and she told me: "thank you for today, honestly". yesterday she said that she is stuck with her essay and i offered myself to help. i managed to create a good topic development and she seemed to be really happy about that, saying that it was really good and after that something like "Thank yoouuuu!! <3" so, i want advice from the more experienced people, which means that do i have a chance with her, and might there be a opportunity to develop a decent relationship in the future? i am just worried because i have so many contenders, because of her being such a popular girl in the city.
    PS: there is a new club event coming, and i'll ask her out yet again, let's see how will it turn out.

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    You are worried because you have so many "contenders"??!?
    Your opinion or hers?
    Why worry about competition? If she chooses another over you there is not a damn thing you can do about it. She is allowed have her preferences just like you.
    Why did you not hold her hand at the cinema? Why are you waiting on her to?

    Why worry about it being a potential relationship? Can't you just enjoy being with her in the present?


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      Things seem to be going well. Just ask her out again (before the next club date if that event is too far from now) and keep on with the romantic relationship bonding rituals like holding hands, putting your arm around her, kissing her etc. You don't want her to be placing you on the "Friends Ladder" (google it) never to transition onto the "Potential Ladder."

      Good luck.
      "First off, welcome to the Relationship Forums, You'll come to understand that I don't pull any punches when giving my opinion/advice and I hope you're not so sensitive to what I see as the truth of the matter." Me!


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        UPDATE!! just received a snapchat from her, where was one about 5 years older man than me, wearing the army uniform. i was having a strange feeling about her even before that hit, is there a point in keeping going with her? quite messed up situation i think


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          Do you even know who the man in uniform is? For all you know its her brother? Ask her if it's her brother? Play it cool.
          "First off, welcome to the Relationship Forums, You'll come to understand that I don't pull any punches when giving my opinion/advice and I hope you're not so sensitive to what I see as the truth of the matter." Me!


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            i donít know who is that guy, but i was also thinking about the man being her brother. it might be true actually, because i know that she has a brother who is few years older than she, but as the video had a bad quality, i couldnít understand if it was her brother or not. iíll ask her later about it.