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Does online dating/apps actually work for finding relationships?

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  • Does online dating/apps actually work for finding relationships?

    I don't really have any friends so I can't be set up and I don't drink so I can't go to bars/clubs. Coming up to random girls in public and asking them out is awkward and creepy so that's a no go as well. My last resort would be online dating afraid it would only be unattractive people? I would say I'm at least somewhat good looking so it isn't too much to ask for my girlfriend to be somewhat attractive as well right?

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    Before you advertise yourself online, you have to be clear about what you want and don't second guess yourself. Think of it as throwing yourself into the dating world but the medium is far larger than any bar that has ever existed due to the accessibility. If you have issues, it will be thrown right back in your face and if you don't like yourself as you are, you'll come out bitter and unattractive. If you are looking for a rebound in the guise of something serious and long term, you will also be exposed. You should know exactly what you are and why you're there or else it'll get very messy very quickly. Don't lie about your job, how much you make, how long you've been working, your family, your previous relationships and don't dwell on your past. Good luck.
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      You can try online dating, keep it local (for convenience - less travel) and some online daters actually have in-person gatherings in your area. You might want to check those out. Be careful with online dating because there are a lot of psychos, nut cases and weirdos out there in cyberspace and society.

      While physical attraction doesn't hurt, other qualities matter in order to make yourself attractive such as character, integrity, occupation, etc. It's always a package deal IMHO and what you have to offer in a long term relationship. Women want to feel secure with a man who has their act together. And, she wants to be able to trust and feel safe as well.
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