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My ideal life would be as a house husband to a successful career woman... HELP!

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  • My ideal life would be as a house husband to a successful career woman... HELP!

    My dream is to be in a relationship with a woman who's career and professional success is of paramount importance to her. I want to be a house husband and work a basic job, but be around to provide the basis for success in my partners life. I am really attracted to high powered women with intelligence and who are trying to achieve something in life themselves and on their own terms. I am not looking to be provided for, but my ideal, dream relationship is where I can be there for someone and help make their homelife stress free and supportive of their career ambitions. As far as my own career goes, I am a blogger and researcher in my owntime into issues of modern spirituality and wellbeing, and I really just have a day job to pay the bills.

    I would like to talk to women to find out what these kind of women look for when they are dating and what they look for in a relationship. I am 40 years old and have no children, and would consider anyone if I liked them, irrespective of personal circumstances, previous relationship status (divorced, kids from a previous relationship etc). In short I would like to be in a relationship to see my partner achieve her dreams and to be able to contribute to that.... the thought of being able to be that for someone is my ambition in life.

    How would I go about meeting such a girl? I would like someone who is in their late twenties, up to late forties. For me it's all about the person behind the woman. Any help from guys or girls on this site would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Dave, I think you would have better luck at a dating website than here. Some high powered women want a "wife" meaning a husband's role to be supportive at the home front while she brings home the bacon. You have a day job and I hear you on that. I've noticed a lot of high powered women prefer to date / marry men in their high earning circles but there are exceptions where some women want a husband to run the household while they're at work. Traditional roles can be reversed for some. I knew a friend who was the primary breadwinner while her husband took care of the household and children.
    "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."


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      Cheers Channelle.... I think this is the right forum for me. I am not looking to meet anyone on here (although if that did happen, then it would be a surprise bonus). I am looking to find out if my dream life is something that some women are interested in too. I do have career ambitions, but they would only ever involve working from home (blogging/writing/journalism). Onae of my concerns you have addressed straight away... the fact that women who are high powered professionals or who have a successful career look to date men with similar careers and similar levels of professional success. This is something that I want to understand better because I think that where a woman's career is THAT important to her, I reckon she should consider dating someone who is intellectually a match for her but who does not necessarily use the yardstick of financial earnings or socially accepted career achievements (doing an MBA or becoming a company DIrector etc) as a measurement of success. I have spent twenty years researching spiritualism, religion and psychology in my spare time and I want to use that to write and produce media materials that help people solve problems in their life, but it is something that (at this stage at least) doesn't provide a significant income.

      Far more important to me would be to have a family and part time career and when I have worked with women in the past (both alongside and as a subordinate) I feel so impressed and it's not a sexual turn on or anything like that. but women who are good at their jobs and who do make successful career progress imbibe in me a kind of natural respect, which I think is one of the foundations of a successful relationship (the fact that mutual respect exists in teh relationship).

      The problem seems to be that people who are career oriented themselves (both men and women) don't naturally consider potential partners unless they are similarly motivated, and I'm looking for advice on here about how to represent myself to women I'm attracted to to convince them to give me a chance depsite differences in the importance of professional or financial success.

      In short... how do I go about convincing a company director or doctor or lawyer to go out on a date with me? I want to be honest and open with a date right from the beginning, so what should I emphasise about what's important to me in a relationship..? The thing that is most importnat, I suppose, is that the woman I'm with has something siginifcant and valuable to her that is just for her and which she has achieved for herself, so that is why I'm attracted to successful women.

      I'd like to hear any other fthoughts you have Channelle.... what you've repsonded with so far has been helpful.


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        Hello Dave, Well, it stands to reason as we've both agreed that generally birds of a feather flock together meaning high earning types are naturally attracted and marry their own kind but as mentioned previously, there are exceptions.

        For women in high earning circles who marry up or marry their equals in earning power, instead of having a house husband, the couple has a lot of hired help; i.e., gardener, daycare / nanny, housekeeper / housecleaning services, pool guy , book keeper / accountant and all the trappings of an affluent lifestyle. Then again, I know very self-confident women who are high earners and prefer to remain independent and unmarried. Some are divorced and / or single. One of my friends is employed while her husband runs the household and tends to the children. It runs the gamut.

        As for your representing yourself, honesty is the best policy regarding what you believe in, what you're willing to offer in a relationship AFTER you get to know the woman or women better. I can't speak for all women but most women are attracted to a man of high moral character, integrity, psychological stability, healthy lifestyle and fitness. Of course, the topic of what you do for a living will always come up, education, etc. because obviously, women desire financial security. First of all, for you, honesty is best. The very worst is lying and women NEVER forget being lied to. A liar is a real deal breaker for women (and men) in relationships / marriages.

        Usually people have relationships and / or marriages within their same socioeconomic group and demographics.
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        "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."


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          I'm thinking it's going to be pretty hard to find a high earning, successful woman who is going to want to date a man who can barely support himself. I mean you MIGHT find one, but not too likely.

          The best place to start is on a good reputable dating site, one that you have to pay something for. There you can fine tune your profile and see who answers. The main thing you might want to consider is what you have to offer. If a woman is a good earner, she hire someone to do what you propose. Good luck.
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            Yeah I would steer clear of the free dating sites like Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid, etc. There are likely to be more scams on those sites. You know I actually contemplated being a ďhouse husband,Ē but my wife put an end to that idea right away. Who is to say that somebody canít be a house husband just bc itís not the norm? Iím yet to meet one, but there are plenty of house wives where I live. Good luck!


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              "Love don't pay the rent."
              "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."


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                What leads you to believe you'll be happiest in this specific situation only? Is it a fetish or ? Is this type of dynamic where you experienced your happiest moments or are you romanticizing this idea?


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                  Erm please message me sir. I may be able to help you out here. Not a guara tee but if your as nice as you seem I may know someone with great ambitions that would maybe be interested in finding out more about you.

                  ALSO you have to show them that there is a different way to have fun without money... take them to the beach to the water show them tho vs that they won't see through there work or in there office you need to introduce them to a whole new world if you want to be a part of theirs my friend