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Long Distance, does this actually have a chance of working?

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  • Long Distance, does this actually have a chance of working?

    Hey there, I posted a few weeks ago back about a girl that I had met on a cruise that I really hit it off with. Talks went extremely well for a few days and then the next thing I knew she was booked to come spend New Years with me. She had second thoughts after the booking due to the fact that she recently got out of a relationship and wants to just be her and be happy herself. She also stated she was worried she was going to fall for me and she wouldn’t be able to do that. She ended up coming and we legitamtely had the most amazing time ever. NYE dinner was amazing, NY kiss was amazing. We bowled, drank and had an amazing time. The night ended how it normally would and it could not have been better. The next day I took her to the Canadian border just because she wanted to and then to see my university, I gave her some sweaters and t shirts and I could see in her eyes how much she actually wanted me. The rest of the trip was great and I could have no complaints.

    We were both pretty drunk every night of the trip but that’s not out of the norm for either of us. We had discussed how she doesn’t want a boyfriend right now because she is in her last semester of school and doesn’t want to be tied down for it. I agreed and told her I didn’t want to be a rebound and that I think it’s best for her if she is able to do whatever she wants with whoever she wants for her last semester. She responded by saying it’s not that and she doesn’t want to sleep with anyone else and that’s not the reason why. She seemed truthful after all why would she fly all the way up to see me if she didn’t want something with me?

    The trip ended and everything was great, constant texting and snapping all seemed fine. Last night we were both high and I founded her twitter which she no longer uses and jokingly I was like “I found ur twitter, your old tweets are A1” and she replied by saying “omg, no, and then “I don’t use that anymore. And then “that is a little weird”. She has never reacted to me like that before and she didn’t reply for rest of the night. I thought that it was okay for me to say that because she has joked with me about stalking my Instagram and she has never found anything weird when we’ve been talking. I snapped her again when I got home yesterday night and she opened it at 215 and I haven’t heard anything at all and it’s the next day. We’ve made plans to see eachother again, I know the connection we have. I need advice on how to approach this current situation and ways to keep her interested until we see eachother everytime.

    Please give me any advice you can, I have never felt a connection like this with a girl before

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    Too add a bit of background details...

    im 20, shes 22. She goes to the University of Arkansas and I go to the University of Minnesota. We are only one grade level apart. She has told her whole family and all of her friends about me and I have done the same. Thanks for reading and any help you can give me


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      My first bit of advice is to stop getting drunk every night. You're going to burn out your brain cells.

      Looking at her old twitter is no big deal. She's told you she doesn't want a boyfriend. You should take that to heart. Yes, she's happy about flying out to see you and having a good time, but she doesn't want any weights around her ankles right now. Don't invest too much energy in this girl. She's not wanting to settle down and you'll just drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why.
      "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay