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When I was 19, almost 20 I met and dated my 16 year old girlfriend for over a year

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  • When I was 19, almost 20 I met and dated my 16 year old girlfriend for over a year

    Now I'm 21 and she's 17 about to turn 18. At the time I didn't think much of the age difference. Everyone assumed I was around her age because I looked young unless they got to know me. I'm thinking this may have been part of why our relationship didn't work out. She might have been too young to handle a long-lasting serious relationship. She always told me she wanted long-term and had a serious boyfriend before me but after we broke up she said she was tired of telling someone what she was doing and where she was going every day. She said she wanted freedom and to figure out what she wants in life. (She also misses talking to her ex and went to see him after we broke up but that's a different story). She seemed very happy to be with me up until the last month or so we were together. Do you think her being too young contributed to us breaking up or was it because our relationship truly ran It's course and she missed her ex too much?
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    at sixteen she should be mature enough but probably wants to taste many guys before going into a serious relationship. her ex was probably giving her something that was missing in your relationship. best way is continuing conversation with her on this attitude modification she is experiencing


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      Hard to tell. A lot of people still don't know their place in the world at 50 or 60 or all their lives. Your best bet is to consider it's over, period. Don't ask yourself so many questions about what other peoples' true intentions are because you'll run the risk of running around in circles.


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        She just wants to be free to see or do whomever floats her boat. Consider it the fact that she's only a teenager and move onto someone more apt to actually know what they want because they've experienced life somewhat.
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