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  • Learn dating ? Sounds like an absurd

    They should limit those interesting suggestions - "how to date". Handshake, eye contact, topic of a conversation, etc. You can learn this for years and still watching movies only with your cat. Or with somebody you do not like anymore.

    If you do not make a first step to meet somebody - you waste your time. If you reject everybody who tries to meet you - you waste your time. If you have a partner. You probably noticed that all those handshakes, eye contacts, etc. help. However, the most important challenge - maintain happy a relationship. This requires more than a handshake.

    Learning dating wastes your time. Unless you just want to date different people to the rest of your life. This approach clips the wings at the beginning. You concentrate on "how to date", not "how to build a relationship". The first one is a short term task. The second one - long term. Which one do you think requires more?
    Yes, we need to start with dating. However, if you do not have a clear vision of your future. How do you want spend the rest of your life? How do you want to share this time with your partner? Do you see yourself with this person in 20, 30, 40 years? If not, then you need to get another cat or dog. The one you have already will not live so long. Even if you have a partner. Most likely, you will stay in a miserable relationship or build it again with somebody else.

    When you start working with what you want tomorrow, in 10, 60 years. You give yourself clear instructions. You start talking only with people who might "fit". You save tons of time. When you picture yourself with somebody - you need zero dating lesson. You will know automatically what to do. Nobody and nothing will ever teach you a confidence better than your imagination. Of course, you might need something or somebody who will help with social skills. However, at the end you are the one who need to take a charge.