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    Mmmkay...I've been noticing a lot of gift threads lately, ranging anywhere from birthdays to Christmas (which isn't for awhile, jeez! :P), for all of our wonderful boyfriends and girlfriends

    So, I'm hoping this will work. If not...oh well. heh

    Post your gift:

    - ideas
    - suggestions
    - questions


    Thanks guys Just trying to flex my big bad mean mod muscle

    P.S - Those with existing threads about gifts, don't worry, I'm not gonna delete them. This is more just for the future since the season of gift giving is quickly approaching.

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    A cd for your boyfriend with "your song" on it. That is a good gift if you and your boyfriend have a special song.
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      Well the best present my boyfriend said I ever gave him was when I was away on a family vacation on the other side of the world for a month. I kept him a journal every day of what kinds of stuff I did, what was funny, how much I missed him, etc... so he could see I was thinking of him constantly!!!

      The best present he gave me was cooking me a candlelight dinner on the patio, all expertly done with my very favorite foods! He's a good cook!! mmm...

      Other present ideas:
      - if you go to a photo store, you can get photos printed on mugs, calendars (that's what I'm thinking of doing for Xmas), Tshirts, pillowcases, etc...
      - a scrapbook of pictures of you guys, receipts, movie stubs, your emotions at the time...
      - girls always love jewlery!!!! and flowers
      - if your town or city has a murder mystery dinner, comedy club, or Medieval times, take them to that

      Hmm, those are the ones that stand out most in my mind. We did the CD thing too, except it was more of a group project... we both picked songs to be on our couple's CD so we'd both listen to it!!


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        yummy's photo store reminds me of Christmas several years ago. My ex and I got our pix taken together professionally. His brother took one of them and had it transferred into a pillowcase and got a puzzle made out of the picture. I wouldn't be too keen sleeping on a pillow with my face on it, but I thought the puzzle was a cute idea.


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            The best gifts are those that are totally original and come from the heart:

            Take your SO for a picnic in the park with his/her favorite foods

            Make your SO go on a treasure hunt and leave little presents (3 dollar jewlery, flowers, candy) leading up to a big present...such as dinner or a massage or something creative.
            *to spruce it up make the notes for th treasure hunts poems that tell why you like them so much....i.e. the present's in her locker so you could say: When your eyes lock with mine all words lose their meaning.

            A massage from you is the greatest (and cheapest) present from either is sweet and perfect for those who haven't been dating for too long.

            Well that's all I can think of for now...but the key is to be original and to think about your partner's tastes? Is he/she sporty? Take him/her to play basketball and surprise them with a personal trainer for an hour (runs about 30 dollars). Ok so I said I was done....just think about the person and what they like.

            NOW I am through...



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              A friend of mine is away at I'm making sort of like a video postcard for her.
              I'm taking my digital camera and recording little video snippets of our mutual friends on various days, and there will be some sections where I talk to her sort of in video letter format, parts where I take her on a "tour" of my university, and a few clips of me playing some songs to her...various other things like that.

              ...I'll edit and mix all the clips together, convert them to VCD, and burn them.

              That way, she can watch it on her DVD player on campus.
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                This is all I can think of to get my SO...

                I don't know what music she likes, or what kind of books she reads (though I know she reads a lot, about three times as much as me, and I read a helluva lot), I don't know what size clothes she wears, though I could find out...

                I know what she looks good in, and thus I am thinking about getting her a sweater. She looks really good in those tight-looking sweaters with a high neck... bleh. Not very descriptive.

                I know what I'm talking about, at least.

                I *so* need some suggestions.
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                  well its something i did for a girl once, too bad we never ended up going out.. but anyways, record yourself singing to them, or reciting poetry youv written for them, maybe little jokes, or improv impersonations, etc.
                  and burn them to a cd. ops:
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                    So, do girls actually like those gold dipped roses?

                    I been trying to think of a gift for a friend of mine... she isnt my girlfriend, more like my best friend. even though we do have a little intimacy from time to time.. thing is.. i am thinking about getting her a cashmere sweater from J Crew... but when it comes to sizes i become like a lost little puppy. I have NO clue.. how can i go about finding what size she wears and all that stuff without making her suspicious of what i am going to get her.

                    Oh ya.. and do girls actually like those gold dipped roses?



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                      Walmart, pretend to fix the tag on the back of her shirt like it's sticking out. I've done that to a bf before.


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                        Ooooo you are sneaky. =P


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                 bout giving her a rose/roses in front of an entire class.....I'd love that, though there are consequences to bear
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                            Gold-dipped, I've never seen any of those! That's awesome tho

                            So while I'm taking you for granted
                            We'll be humming along...


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                              Ooooo you are sneaky. =P

                              I can be sometimes. :P In my previous post, I was gonna add that sometimes I borrow my bf's sweatshirt and can check out the size then if needed, but since guys normally dont borrow shirts from their gfs, it wouldn't work as well.