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    Re: Gifts

    Hello everyone, just want to ask is blowouts are still girl's best friend? Looking for gifts for my gf, she's 30.


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      Re: Gifts

      For my girlfriend for this valentines as shown on my other thread and post

      this is what I got

      <a href="">check this place out</a>

      They sell alot of couple gifts which is perfect for this forum. They got things like couple keychains couple rings, couple necklace, couple everything. Also got some nice girl silver necklace as well and some clay figures and plush bouquets as shown on my picture.

      Go check it out I think you guys might like it as I'm hoping my girflriend will like it when valentines day come in two days lol


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        Re: Gifts

        Originally posted by Danae View Post
        Mmmkay...I've been noticing a lot of gift threads lately, ranging anywhere from birthdays to Christmas (which isn't for awhile, jeez! :P), for all of our wonderful boyfriends and girlfriends

        So, I'm hoping this will work. If not...oh well. heh

        Post your gift:

        - ideas
        - suggestions
        - questions


        Thanks guys Just trying to flex my big bad mean mod muscle

        P.S - Those with existing threads about gifts, don't worry, I'm not gonna delete them. This is more just for the future since the season of gift giving is quickly approaching.
        gifts to get for a guy your dating - candy his favorite or chocolate guys like to eat so I would stick with some sort of food item plus its not too expensive or over the top.

        Gifts to get for a girl- flowers, jewelry , diamond candles those candles that have a diamond ring inside worth 50, 500 or 5,000 dollars cute gift 25 dollars each comes in cute scents like cupcake , cinnamin similar scents to yankee candles .


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          Re: Gifts

          My very first anniversary when I was with my ex-bf, romantic candle light dinner at a restaurant, a single red rose and a jar full of origami hearts. But I came late to the dinner since I was caught up with work so rushing in, sat at the table starving and once he gave me the jar in a blur candle light dinner, I thought they are candies so without thinking twice pop the heart origami into my mouth.

          I believe it is not the gift itself but also the way we present it that can give us an exciting moment. On one of his birthday, I bought him a phone handset which he really wanted and tape it under the table of the restaurant of our first date. Then text him some clues.. to find the gift and come find me..


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            Re: Gifts

            Something personal is always a good idea! Always take note of what the person wants or needs. With today's social media it's hard to miss what someone wants. I remember when I wanted to give my boss a present and well, he already has everything so I gave him a photo of him and his wife when we traveled to Singapore in a nice photo frame. That wasn't very expensive too. It pays to be creative once in a while. Example if a person loves scrapbooking, you can give him/her more scrapbooking materials, or if someone loves reading, probably a kindle, never a book because that person may have read that already! Haha


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              Re: Gifts

              I been trying to think of a gift for a friend of mine... she isnt my girlfriend, more like my best friend. even though we do have a little intimacy from time to time.. thing is.. i am thinking about getting her a cashmere sweater from J Crew...


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                Re: Gifts

                I just gave my girlfriend a 3 day weekend trip with restaurant, hot bath as well as a private massages


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                  I am sure that God has given all his time in making you, the remaining human race has been created in haste.
                  I was in an exam hall when I first saw her!! I donno why but I feel something from the deep inside my heart!! then I came home and started feeling for her!! I was praying to the almighty God to somehow get her! I asked my friends to get her name!! After 4 days I came to know her name!! At that time I was helpless nothing was in my hand!! then I searched for her name on facebook and I found her!! I was really scared to knock her!! After 2 days I used all my braveries to knock her on facebook. from then we started talking!! I asked her if she is done with her dinner or not!! this is how we fell in love like a miracle!! thanks to almighty God that we are now together!!

                  Next Month is her birthday but currently, I'm unable doing anything!! she asked me for some of her desires!! I need to fulfill all her wishes!!

                  I like to mention all of you who respects love, please HELP ME with a little bit of your love to reach my goal! help us spread our love among all of you!! Please DONATE some love from your heart!!


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                    Danae The best gifts I've received from my husband were items I've always wanted such as the following: handbags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, DVDs of my favorite movies (or series), perfume, cosmetics. I've given him car accessories, wristwatches, a briefcase, CDs, car magazine subscriptions, shoes and I remember one Christmas, I gave him a framed portrait photo of me and our firstborn son. He loved that.

                    While it's nice to give and receive gifts for special occasions, I think the best gifts are everyday behaviors as opposed to tangible objects. He helps me a lot and always picks up the slack. He helps with housecleaning, errands, repairs and maintains the household, our cars' gas tanks are always full. I haven't filled our cars with gas in ages. He makes my life easy. He's my right hand man.
                    "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."