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Dating Forum Rules and FAQ (Read this first)

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  • Dating Forum Rules and FAQ (Read this first)

    Since Linds didn't do this already, I get to have the first post! Hehe...

    [list][*]This is a forum about DATING. Any of your questions that deal with courtships, situations for anniversaries, possible dating ideas, ANYTHING that deals with you and your significant other go here. Any questions that deal with asking a person out go to Flirting. Don't be embarrassed if you post in the wrong forum. It happens to a lot of people.
    [*]Language. Yes, frustrating things can happen between two people who are dating. Keep the epithets to a minimum. If you start swearing like a damned low-life fucking shit-eating wanker, the thread will be locked up, thrown away, and will never been seen again. Multiple times of doing so will result in banning.
    [*]Respect. Advice should be offered in a respectable manner. Racism or otherwise prejudiced statements may be either edited or deleted altogether.
    [*]Typing rules. Anything typed here must be readable to all users. Here are some examples of writing not to be used here.
    Alternating: ThIs OnE oF tHe MoSt IrRiTaTiNg WaYs To TyPe. ThIs WiLl NoT bE tOlErAtEd.
    Ebonics: Internet slang, in other words. If u constantly type like u cum from da ghetto, yo post will b locked up and you wil not post 'til l8r or neva post 4eva. Ya read me?
    [*]Information. In order for people to help you, you must give enough details about your problem. Your title follows this rule, too. Don't just type "Help!" or "What should I do?" Be descriptive.
    [*]Things to know.
    1) If you don't get a response to your thread within an hour or two, don't worry about it. One usually has to wait 24 hours to get a good number of responses. The advice is worth it. If no one replies, that usually means that you have a complicated problem and no one can come up with any advice. These are rare, but they happen.
    2) No spam here. Self-explanitory.
    3) Check the Archives before posting anything. There may be information there that has been asked already.[list]

    I'll add more if it comes to mind.

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    Hey now! I've been....away temporarily LoL

    Everyone...welcome to Dating! Follow the rules!! Yeah!

    So while I'm taking you for granted
    We'll be humming along...


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      Ok. New Rule:

      If you made a post concerning something in this forum, UPDATE it. Don't make multiple threads concerning one continuous topic. The only exception is if it's older than a month.


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        Oooh nice one Kyle. That was beginning to bug me.

        Please try to do this guys! It's just easier for everyone....

        So while I'm taking you for granted
        We'll be humming along...


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          *mic feedback*

          Okay, some more rules! Yes...MORE RULES! A few of these I've been saving so I could get it done all at once.
          • As a rule of courtesy, please DO NOT substitute people's names with letters, numbers, ASCII, or otherwise a single character or symbol. This is the internet and chances of anonymity are almost assured, but if it is absolutely necessary to preserve anonymity, give the people different names. I really hate leafing through "boy A," "girl 2," and any single letter of the alphabet to figure out a situation.
          • If at all possible, please use the search engine first to see if there is a thread that addresses your situation. Archives will be updated when time can be found.
          • If in the situation you need to contact a member of the staff or a specific user, DO NOT make a single thread for that person. Send a PM. That's what they're for.
          • Absolutely no personal ads or promotions for pictures are tolerated here or any other part of the forum. This is not a dating classifieds forum.

            Addition September 27, 2004: This rule now expanded to any article promotion. This rule also applies to any part of the forum. Articles and infopages may be added to SUPPLEMENT any DETAILED advice you might give, but if the posted outside link is proportionally the main focus, it will be removed.


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            Re: Dating Forum Rules and FAQ (Read this first)

            Okay, I was REALLY hoping not to have to make a rule for this, but...

            Plagiarism - If you are caught posting info from another published website or text and you have absolutely NO citation of where it came from, it will be removed and you will be permanently banned. Depending on the types of copyrighting and trademarking, you might even be legally prosecuted. Not only is it an insult to those here to take time to type out their responses and advice, but it is also insulting to the original authors.

            In the same vain, threads started completely from copied material will be deleted.