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When does it become creepy/stalking?

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  • When does it become creepy/stalking?

    I have met this guy who i think its awesome, cute and interesting. I really wanna get to know him a little better and all. I talked to him and told him i liked his band because I saw their website. I asked him for his screen name because i had a question about a group we are in together, but he had another group member IM me with the answer.

    I added him as a friend on myspace, and his screen name is on there. Should I messege him or would that be weird? I dont want to seem like all of a sudden I have all this information on this kid, but I just want to get to know him and see if he is date-able. Would he think Im a stalker if I did this? I wanna keep talking to him because we only have one more class together, so its not like I can talk to him much. Should I just wait and see if I can talk to him more in person before IMing, or just go for it? Guys, would you be flattered or weirded out?

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    Re: When does it become creepy/stalking?

    Personally I'd keep talking to them in person to get a feel for them. You just can't tell what someone is thinking/feeling over the internet.
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