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  • Unsure of how she feels...

    Well, me and this lady has been getting close last few days, and chatting for about 3 weeks now... we're taking it slow and I'm still taking her out tomorrow. She tells me she's excited heh (our first official date)

    We've been sorta dating weeks ago when we first met and I got her number, but with all the dramas (bs from mates), well, after we talked alone we kinda ended up getting close to each other. Our next sorta date was at a party, and we got closer. Then she came over and we had lunch/karaoke session, we gave each other a hug after that (btw, her culture is very conservative)... so well, things are going well, and we're getting close, yet she told me last night... that she's unsure of how she feels about me yet.

    I'm cool with that, and I am taking it slow (maybe too slow?)... what can I do?

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    Re: Unsure of how she feels...

    I think her uncertainty is a good's clear you guys are already friends, she has her doubts but she's thinking about you and some part of her wants to make it happen. I think it's time you step up and show her some confidence. Let her know how you feel and stop making it so difficult.

    Your indecisiveness will drive her a way. I think you're taking it too slow, I'd also be confused if I were her. Make up your mind, is it sorta date? or are you taking her out? Make sure she knows the difference.


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      Re: Unsure of how she feels...

      Well she knows I like her and we have got quite close already, and she tells me that she's excited about tomorrow... and yes she most definitely knows I'm taking her out on a romantic date.

      I did tell her in response when she mentioned her uncertainty however that I'm a bit unsure too, that's why I'm taking it slow with her... (she IS 8 years younger then me, completely different culture, and still a bit passive - scorpio like (I'm capricorn) etc)... but the truth is I really do like her and feelings have been developing, she's smart, knows how to tease, very honest, and a romantic. But I don't know...

      To be honest I haven't given her one physical compliment yet, only her depth, honesty, romantic personality and hardworking mentality. The problem however too is that we're studying together (different class), which means even if I don't want to see her I see her yet I feel it's rude to not talk to her yet at the same time she feels shy around her friends and sometimes we both have stuff to do and I just hope she doesn't think I'm ignoring her or something but hey she gets busy too (meh I think I'll talk to her about it later after our date)

      I was planning to get her a flower and mention that it's exactly 1 week late (v day last week), then take her out for dining (she likes food), and find out a few more deep stuff about her, and if she didn't turn me off, then I'm going to make a move for a kiss...

      The thing is though she comes from a conservative culture, so I'm still a bit unsure whether that's a smart move... and I have a lot of competition it seems! I had no idea about it until later! So far every attempt I heard was quite lame (some guy tried to get her number off a 3rd party etc and just complimented on her looks etc), but there's this one bloke who I'm rather concerned about, but he's bisexual - so he could be just her gay best friend... but I don't know...