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how to get your ex girlfriend back

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  • how to get your ex girlfriend back

    me and my ex had been going out for 7 months and only broke up less than a month ago. now me and her are friends but we still treat each other like we are bf and gf. we do it all( cuddling, kissing, and we have slept together a few times.)we go out together, and we even still call each other babe. my problem is that i want to get back to being in a relationship. i am the main person that puts forth the effort to see each other. how should i go about doing this?

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    Re: how to get your ex girlfriend back

    How to get your ex back, the definitive guide
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      Re: how to get your ex girlfriend back

      Originally posted by OvershareDude View Post

      Anyways, if you want her back, why not just ask her? Since you're still doing bf/gf-like things, just flat out ask her. If she says no, stop the cuddling and sleeping together stuff and move on.
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