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    So I love this girl and I've asked her out once over text she said no but I love her so much and she came to my house today for a BBQ with my family and when I get the courage to ask again somebody said something and sidetracked me I need help please I love her give suggestions I'm not the strongest or greatest looking but I need something to show I am crazy about her

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    Re: Love

    If she doesn't want to go out with you it doesn't matter how much you "love" her or how "crazy" you are about her.

    She is an autonomous person. She is not a secondary character in the story of Kingston and there is no rule that says that she must bend to the will of whoever is the most in "love" with her or the "craziest" for her. Ask her out again if you must, but if she says no, you must respect that and leave her be.


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      Re: Love

      Guy's words of wisdom:

      Texting is not how you ask a woman out. If you can't talk to a woman face to face, you are not ready for women.

      Love is not something that happens from afar. Don’t confuse love with lust, intrigue, or fascination.

      Rejection is going to happen 90% of the time. So don’t be afraid of getting rejected or you will miss that 10%.

      If a woman says no, then move on. Go find the 10%, maybe you will even find that .0001% sweetie.

      Life is too short to spend it behind a keyboard or phone. You need to go and experience as much of life as you possibly can. Besides, do you really want a woman who wants a man who lives life through a computer???? Really???

      The woman you are dreaming about is probably someone else’s nightmare. In other words, don’t treat her like she’s all that, till she shows you she is al that.


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        Re: Love

        Dont over push your self to her or else she will stay away from you.


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          Re: Love

          what R&M said!
          I'm so cool I've got my OWN SMILEY!!

          English. It's your language. Learn to type it.