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My Girlfriend is too busy to see me, we see each other once a week at the most :(

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  • My Girlfriend is too busy to see me, we see each other once a week at the most :(


    well moving on from the awkard work thing that some of you may remember may posting about, I have been seeing this my girlfriend now for just over a month and we're both struggling to see each other more than once a week.

    She's 17, I'm 18 and we live about half an hour away from each other. We both go to different college's and I work weekend afternoons. So the problem is that with her she is at college from 9 till 4 almost every day (mon-fri), she gets up at 6 every morning to get ready and she said that she's always to busy to see me in the evening cause she's too tired. Over half term we saw each other twice in a week which is a record, it really annoys me and last night we had a bit of an argument about it by text, I snapped and had an bad attitude with her. I was only being honested though I don't like the fact that she's always busy cause I would like to spend more time with her and I feel disappointed when I make all the effort to go and see her when i've got to be in work so I have to rush.

    I am more than happy to go to hers one night mon-fri even its just for a few hours and spend time with her but she said thats she's too crabby at night so I really don't know what I can do and neither does she. I don't want to end this but I feel that the relationship cannot develop if we hardly see each other.

    Oh just to let you know she has driving lessons, singing lessons and piano lessons and does 4 demanding As Level subjects which she's always doing essays for.

    What would anyone advise?

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    Re: My Girlfriend is too busy to see me, we see each other once a week at the most

    Well I tell you. When you are young like you are. You are typically trying to find yourself. It seems that this is where you are both at right now. Which is leaving very little time for the both of you. You are right about something. You DO have to spend time to even call it a relationship. Plus you have only been together for a month. Its kinda going to boil down to this. Either you do leave, or deal with the frustation of trying SO hard to see each other. When there seems to be no time for it. This does not mean that you two do not want to be together. Unless you two plan to cut out a lot of things outside of your relationship. Which I know thats not going to happen. You two are probably not going to make it. I know that is probably not what you want to hear. Like you said, you have to spend time together to have a relationship. You are young friend. You are going to find another woman if this does not work. Trust me, all of mine did not work out either. But now, I am HAPPILY married!! So you will be fine, just be realistic and honest with yourselves. Life is short, so make the best of it. Take care and good luck.
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