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Is he flirting just being friendly or does he like me

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  • Is he flirting just being friendly or does he like me

    I met this guy at my new job we work in the same office but not together. At first we just causal talk and joked around nothing more than that. Lately he has been flirting with me.Stares, smiles, winks , found ways to touch my hand, moved into my personal space before Christmas he hugged me goodbye. Now he finds ways to be close to me so he walks by my desk a lot and sits closer to me when we have lunch . His behavior has changed before he treated me the same as everyone else. So he jokes with everyone in the office but now he no longer does that with me. Now he treats me different than the other girls who works in the office. He treats me thoughtful and sincere. I am shy around him which I believe he knows I like him since I do stare and smile at him. I am positive he likes me. We now talk more to each other which he really likes. The only time we both talk or flirt is when were alone since no one else in the office knows and we are being cautious even though we do not work together. Too he be approaching me this way since I am shy. Do you think he is flirting for fun or that he could like me. I would assume if he was interested then would tell me unless he just being friendly.

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    Re: Is he flirting just being friendly or does he like me

    He is very interested in you. The fact he is treating you with very proper manners means he respects you and does not want to offend you in anyway to where you may think un-highly of him. My advice is just take it slow and enjoy the moments you have together. It is not a race and hopefully soon when he get comfortable with you enough to ask you out, it will be a wonderful time.
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      Re: Is he flirting just being friendly or does he like me

      Thanks I sometimes feel like he is giving me mixed signals. Why would he stop talking and joking around me because before me and him did this. Now its like we awkward especially with everyone in the office. I am guessing he is thinking like me I do not want anyone to know I like him.


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        Re: Is he flirting just being friendly or does he like me

        DING DING DING... Hes attracted to you.

        Sure at first he was just playing and flirting. I am sure he noticed how you reacted to his flirting and decided to take things to a another level.

        You might have something on your hands lady. Good job. BUT be careful, a rule of thumb to go by is, "Never dip your pen in company ink!" This means you should not get serious with people at work. Why? Because if something bad happens between you two, you still have to deal with eachother, AT WORK. You will not want to go to work because he will be there. You will have other employees and bosses curious as to what is going on. You do not want to risk your job because of some guy. Relationships are better off outside of the work place. You understand what I am getting at?

        If you have any questions send me a message [solicitation removed].

        Please send me a message for more information. I am willing to help!