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i am so lost, and stuck here like some of you.

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  • i am so lost, and stuck here like some of you.

    So here it is, I've began a relationship with this wonderful girl that shares the exact interests with me and that I feel extremely comfortable being around her.
    I wonder, what's a proper time frame in order to know the person 'well' enough to begin a serious relationship? 2 months? well that's what we had. However, within the two months, we've went on dates every weekend and even during the weekdays we'd see each other. In addition, we're always on the phone every night that it seems ridiculous as we've once talked on the phone for 7 straight hours........ ya im clueless in how i do it but it is what it is.

    SO, after 2 months of that, I asked her out. Things seems fine until... when she began to question a lot of stuff.
    - do you really like my type?
    - i think we're going too fast?

    Furthermore, although she stated that she has no feelings for her ex boyfriend who went out with her for 2 years!... She knows that it's sorta wrong to compare me with him and yet she still does it nonetheless. She tells me that shes being unfair to me but i just told her it doesn't matter, she can compare all she wants but i just want you to know that i will treat you better than he did. (they were constantly arguing with one another)

    MAIN PROBLEM - she believes sometimes it feels like we're FRIENDS, BUT sometimes it feels like i'm her boyfriend.....

    How in the world can I make her feel totally sure that what we have is true and lasting... and not 50/50... that's not what i'm looking for at all...
    Cause the moments i feel we're meant to be and all that good stuff, she'd begin to question if we're FRIENDS? it's illogical to me.

    i've lost so much sleep over this girl and i know it's just stupid but i can't help it, i love her

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    Re: i am so lost, and stuck here like some of you.

    No need to be stuck. By her asking you all these questions, it's a girl thing trust me. Us girls like to hear it over and over and over again that way we feel good about. I don't know how but don't ask. Just tell her over and over again that you are serious and she will be happy.

    Good luck!


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      Re: i am so lost, and stuck here like some of you.

      Ask her why she would ever consider dating a man she isn't a friend with. I want my girlfriend to be my BEST friend. I want to share EVERYTHING with her.

      I don't know how long is the right amount of time to wait before getting serious. My rule of thumb though is that you should wait long enough to make sure sex is not going to be the basis of the relationship. It sounds like maybe you've waited too long as she's starting to look at you in a non-romantic way. Maybe you should be a little more physical. Give her a few orgasms and see if that helps. I think it'll work wonders.