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What could this all mean?

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  • What could this all mean?

    so for a while now we been saying hi to each other and its been going good we also fist bump and then say bye now i do work for a school but i am not a teacher or anything like that but my boss says it is okay to say hi and fist bump. and am 23 male and he a male as well so yesterday i said hi to him and he said hi back At first we both kind of look at each of that we wanted to say something but then he wave back with a smile and i did the same thing and then we fist bump and then we said bye. I know we can't have friendships so please don't tell me that i already know that what could it mean? i did have a dream about meeting him a while back and its seems like its happening in steps

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    Are you talking about a student at the school where you work??
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      I don't understand what you're getting at because you have provided very little info. You work at a school and you say hi to and fist bump with a student. This means nothing. Are you gay? Is that was this is all about? and you're having thoughts about a student?
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