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    What are some ways you connect/keep up with family since you've been married? Ideas for these two categories would be appreciated (as well as what hasn't worked and why):

    1. Family in-law (especially brother-and-sister-in-laws)

    2. Your side of the family (especially siblings)

    I've some traditions and new ideas too already - but am curious as to what everyone would say! Thanks for the input!

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    Our family is spread out(takes flights for us to see each other) especially my in-laws and my extended family whom I don't keep in touch with anymore. We pick and choose where we want to be for events and sometimes excuse ourselves for not being able to make it. It's pretty loose/fluid for us and we take things year by year. I really appreciate the quiet times.

    What ideas do you have in mind?


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      My in-laws and sister live close by - our main difficulty is scheduling - so we try to plan way in advance. Oftentimes, we see all the in-laws at birthday parties. So my husband and I combine our birthdays into one party and invite everyone out to our home which kind of fits into the family tradition. Lately my husband and I have made a goal to begin a new tradition or two and connect with his brothers and their wives so we are trying to pull off an overnight at a cabin so the couples can all connect without their children. That's one idea. Another would be going on double-dates with each of the brother/sister-in-laws to their favorite restaurant or bowling or whatever fits both our interests. As far as siblings - I only have one - we see each other more now that she lives nearby attending school - so we make plans as we go - but I want us to do something really memorable at some point - maybe a roadtrip.
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        ArtsyAngel63 I've been married a long time and have 2 sons.

        If all of you are fortunate to reside locally and everyone is compatible, then all of your ideas are very good.

        Everyone is very busy with work, kids, extracurricular activities, organized sports, school, homework, projects, etc. As you had described, the only time we were able to cross paths were at birthday parties, grad parties, weddings, funerals, restaurants for dinner, potlucks at someone's house, holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day parties (brunch) and the like.

        Sometimes you can arrange a picnic gathering at a park or beach. You have to get inventive or just keep the reunions consistent throughout the year and do the best you can.

        If you can arrange it, sometimes try to get together with adults at restaurants without kids. Or, someone's house, an outing, shopping together, movies, etc. It's nice to take a time out away from children and catch a break for adult time minus typical kid interruptions.
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