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What will be the best gifts in our first anniversary?

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  • What will be the best gifts in our first anniversary?

    We have just reached in our first anniversary. So, I am thinking to give her a surprise gifts in our first anniversary. What should I gift her in our anniversary that will make her surprised and happy?

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    A gift should be personal.
    And for a gift to be personal, you need to actually know the person you're buying something for.

    So, as her husband, you should have some idea what she likes, right?
    You sure as hell should know better than a bunch of strangers on the internet who have never met her and know nothing about her.
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      loveluveshop Jewelry (diamond stud earrings? bracelet?), handbag, shoes, clothes, gift card towards a day spa (manicure / pedicure / facial / haircut / style / makeup), mini-vacation, weekend getaway, dinner out to a special restaurant, etc. Or, if you're pressed for money, you do everything such as housecleaning, chores, tasks, errands, cooking and give her a break so she can rest or do whatever she wishes to do.
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        Congrats. What's she like?


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          First anniversary of marriage or just dating?


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            There are all sorts of gifts in this world. I think you should ask or know your wife's favorite. Is she into gadgets, clothes, food, dog lover, flowers...etc.
            Once you have the answer, search a gift associated to her favorites and find that gift that would surely last for a life time.