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What do with my girlfriend's family?

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  • What do with my girlfriend's family?

    Let me start off first and foremost, I love my girlfriend and I can't imagine my life without her at this point, however her family drives me crazy. Let me give some context, I live in a country that has a divide between two religions, Religion A and Religion B. I'm technically part of A while she's part of religion B (I don't consider myself religious). The issue is I have to hide that part of myself from my girlfriend's family otherwise they will force us apart. I just don't know how it would work in the distant future if we are ever to get married due to the divide between our communities. Like I said before I love her so much and we get along so well and i dont want to break up with her, it's just I'm in turmoil and I need advice. I felt fine with hiding it until now however things have changed as we were talking about the future and nothing could stop me think about what could happen and how difficult it would be.

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    Anonymoususer123 Something has to be sacrificed should you and your girlfriend marry due to her family rejecting your religion. Since you're not religious, would you be willing to convert to your girlfriend's religion? If not, if you two were to marry, can she worship her religion while you don't worship yours? In order to be accepted, you'll have to hide your religion but would it be difficult for you to do since you're not religious anyway? You'll have to make a choice. Either hide that part of yourself, risk rejection and estrangement for not only you but your future wife, too. Everything has a price.
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      Is leaving this country an option for the both of you? I'm unsure why you would want to live there in the first place when you're not religious. If you are young, your options may be limited in terms of your career. How is this place helping you long term in terms of your entire life? I don't feel like your girlfriend is the biggest of your problems. She's one tree in a forest of trees. You're not addressing the area you're living in as whole and how it may affect your life long term.
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        Question: Why would you get so involved wit someone who you very well knew would be a problem in the long run due to your religious differences? If this doesn't work out for you I'm going to suggest that you stay away from any partners that are not of your sme religion if religion is so important to the other person.

        There is no advice that we can give you (other then what Channelle has recommended) that will make her parents accept you. Be prepared to end this unless she is willing to run away with you and be disowned by her family... of which I doubt she will do.
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