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    I m married since 2 years n my husband loves me a lot.i started working in one company marriage and met 1 guy there and we both became very close to each other and now we love each other a lot but boy is getting married.he is asking to leave my husband and come to him but problem is my husband nit ready to leave me at any cost.he loves me so mych that he is not redyr to leave me.and the company guy is telling me to leave him and come so how do I go ahead with the to take forcefully divorce and if we start the process of forcefully divorce then is there any possibility that my company frnd will get in trouble..

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    The "boy" at work is an asshole that would interfere into your marriage without thought for you or your husband. He is basically very selfish in thinking only of himself.

    Tell him "fuck off" and put the focus back on your husband who loves and supports you. You don't know anything other then the fact you are crushing on this guy you work with. You've not spent any REAL time with him where life gets in the way.
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      Have you considered going to counseling with your husband? My husband and I talked to our pastor and we saw a Christian counselor. Both offered us the support we desperately! needed at the time, good, sound advice and they believed in the sanctity of marriage like I do. It took time but my husband and I are proof that trust and love can be rebuilt. <3 Do you have anyone like that in your life that you can talk to? There’s also a good book on the subject I encourage you to read. It’s called, “boundaries in marriage” by Dr. Henry cloud. It might help you focus on your husband and your marriage again. Have you considered planning a weekly date night with your hubby and protecting that time? My husband and I have recently started doing that and it’s already helping us grow closer plus it’s fun finding inexpensive ways to spend time together. Don’t give up on your marriage! You may even want to consider finding somewhere else to work. Your marriage is worth it!


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        Mamuni Save your marriage. The boy at work will cheat on you, too. You are next so beware. Set your priorities straight, get a wake up call and concentrate on salvaging your marriage. Give your husband respect and you need to act respectfully towards him and behave when no one is looking!
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          Dump the boyfriend. He's not worth $.02. Someone that will cheat with a married woman is not worth trying to build a relationship with. And get yourself into individual counseling to find out why you would treat your husband and your marriage in such a deplorable way. You have terrible boundaries and no respect for your husband or your marriage. I hope you have been honest with your husband and come clean about what you've been up to so that he knows what he is dealing with and can make an informed decision about how he wants to proceed.