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Sent letter to reach out to old friend, confused with the response

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  • Sent letter to reach out to old friend, confused with the response

    I sent a letter through email to an old friend with whom I haven't had contact with in several years. We never had any arguments or anything we just had a falling out. We are in our 30s. I do not have her phone number anymore but I had their email. I sent the letter and in the letter and included mean understanding the reasoning why we stop talking to each other and if I ever did anything to upset them that I would like to apologize who would like to talk it out in some way. They did respond to it by only saying " Read it. Let's talk". The next day i responded "ok. When?" (All via email) . A week went by with no response. As a last attempt, I wrote "well if you would like to please specify as to when" That was almost 4 weeks ago this week and no response. I just don't understand why respond to say "let's talk" then disappear. They could have just ignored it but why respond. I don't get it maybe I'm not suppose to get it lol

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    Cookie1981 Perhaps you can give your old friend a last heads up and ping her with one more email. If she doesn't respond to you with your very last attempt then there is your answer. Both of you drifted apart after so many years apart that you're strangers now and you need to accept this. You don't have to like it but you have to accept it. There needs to be mutual desire to make any relationship work and if one party is indifferent, then cut your losses and go your separate ways. It's life.
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      You asked her twice as to where and when and now it's her turn to respond. If she doesn't then that is answer enough that you should just forget them and get on with your life without a response.

      Ball is in their court now.
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        Thanks for the responses , I know it's up to them, but I don't get why they respond "Read it , let's talk", it gave me the hope they wanted to , just don't get why say it in the first place. Its so upsetting , they just could have not responded


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          There's no telling why that person did that. Leave it alone. Welcome good energy in your life and be proud of yourself for reaching out. You took that leap of faith. You may not have the response you were looking for or that friend back but you did take that leap of faith. I think that's the important lesson. Don't feel so bad!