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  • Am I too sensitive....


    At the moment, I am in trouble with a friend... or better to say: I think I am, but I am not sure....

    Yesterday she asked me if I wanna watch the football game with her and some of her friends in a pub. She wrote to me one hour before the game. I answered yes sure and asked her when exactly we should meet. However, I was waiting for a reply but she didn't answered me... after the game started I wrote to her again that I decided to stay at home. After the game ended she wrote to me sorry she felt asleep and hopefully I didn't went to the pub alone because she and her friends weren't there. I said no but asked her why one of her friends (who is currently visiting her) didn't woke her up. She said she woke up alone 30 minutes after she wrote me that message and answered her other friends that she is not going. I wrote her that I think it's sad that she forgot me (I wrote that with a smiley) but it's ok because I stayed at home anyway. I saw on whatsapp that she read the message but again, did not respond to it.

    Maybe she is sort of mad at me. Two months ago we were at a club. I decided to take a cab back home. I asked her if she wants to go with me because it was raining and it was on the way to my home. She said yes. However, our mobile phones were off and we made up a certain time and place where we met. I was waiting there for 10 minutes but couldn't see her so I went home alone. At home I wrote her that I am sorry I could'nt see her and I hope she's fine. She replied that she was also there waiting for me 15 minutes and I wasn't there and she thinks that'S strange... The rain stoped at that time and was only 10 minutes walk for her but anyway... maybe she's mad at me?

    I don't know what to think... I was thikning about asking her if she wants to watch the final game on sunday with me and some other friends but now I am no longer sure if I should do that.

    Sorry for my bad English. :-/

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    Are you a dude or a gal? Either way, it's annoying when plans don't work out the way you want them to. It seems both of you aren't good at organizing a meet up at all or one of you has your head in the clouds. If you know for certain it's not you, stop wasting your time on someone so half-witted. Enjoy the game.


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      Gal... yeah maybe...
      I am a bit disappointed that somehow she forgot to text me when she woke up. Or maybe her friends and her decided to watch the game alone. She wrote me within 10 minutes after the game ended. Maybe I am thinking too much.


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        Originally posted by frog_simple View Post
        Maybe she is sort of mad at me.
        I'm a big fan of transparency and truth, so if it was with me I would ask her.


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          But then I have to call her... I still don't know what to think about that. That's why I am not sure if it is my turn to contact her again

          I don't know what to think about that. She woke up texted her other friends but forgot me. She hasn't replied yet to my message that I am a bit sad that she forgot about me. Ok, I inserted a smiley into the message.

          But maybe a bit too much drama nut still I simply can't call her at the moment


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            I'd leave her alone. I think you're thinking too much on the matter and need to relax and spend more time feeling good rather than questioning the people around you. What a waste of energy.


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              May be. But overall I like sensitive people a lot.