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Family member causing an uneasy feeling

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  • Family member causing an uneasy feeling

    I have a family member that believes everything their children (my nephews) say about the relatives nephew, their cousin. If they hypothetically stated that said cousin smoked a cigarette, the relative would go running to other people telling them that said cousin smokes. How do you communicate with this person that you cannot believe everything small children say? The relative doesn't quite understand the damage they are doing to their nephew by only believing their children (whom are the ones doing the inappropriate actions and not the cousin).
    ** Back history** this relative is a recent rehab graduate that has done a lot of harm to their family and own friends via actions, words etc. They have also lost custodial guardianship of their children but feel that their past should be put behind them and that everyone should move on, even with an apology given.
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    If this relative is a recent rehab graduate with mental health issues/addictions with a history of repeated slander, his/her words should not hold as much weight. Considering this relative doesn't seem of the right mind and probably needs professional help, the onus is on YOU (and other relatives) to tell the difference between truth and lies and award credibility where appropriate and refuse credibility where it simply isn't.


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      ^^^^ Agree
      "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay


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        I agree with what everyone has said so far. If they are someone who has in the past hurt people and was an addict, then your family members shouldn't be hanging on their every word. That being said, if you feel like they are doing damage to your other family members by talking ill of people in your family, then you should maybe let them know. I don't know this person and how they would react, but if you're not comfortable talking to them, then maybe you could talk to the rest of the your family and make them aware of how you are feeling. If this person is spreading lies, I'd want the rest of the family to know what they're saying isn't true and affirm that their word shouldn't be taken as fact.