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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for advice on wedding/ wedding gifts. I have no idea.

    My sister is getting married and I don't really know him all that well, but I have to go golfing all day tomorrow and a bar later on with 30 guys.

    I barely know him, but I don't know the customs for gifts, etc. Any help would be nice.

    I have too too pay a lot for his Bach party. It's a all inclusive golfing/beer/food package.

    I know what I am doing for their wedding gift, $500 , but do I Buy him anything for a bachelor gift or what's the customs or thoughts/ ideas.

    My friends don't have bachelor parties, in the past, we just hang out and shoot pool/ drink. It's just usually 5 guys hanging out. I don't know him but I know his family is involved and there a lot of people going.

    thanks for your time and thoughts.

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    It's not customary to buy a bachelor party gift here in the UK, but I assume you're from the USA and I don't know what the tradition is there.

    Take some time to get to know him better round the golf course!
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      No need to buy gifts for a bachelor party.
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        Normally here, a bachelor party like you're explaining, the cost of the "Ticket" is inflated above the actual per person cost and the extra money is given to the bride and groom to help them with wedding costs or to buy what they need... up to them what they do with it after?

        I think you should ask someone who is also going what they're doing and follow suit.
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          I think you're stressing out over nothing. Don't buy him anything. He's already putting a burden on the rest of you to attend his all inclusive expensive bachelor party. That's enough of an expense. The $500 is over the top as well, if you ask me.


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            NO bachelor gift. $500. is going above and beyond; more than generous. Bride and groom should feel grateful. Ca$h is king.
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