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  • please help me

    I have big problem and i need help your help i cant find the best answer anywhere

    sorry if my english bad i hope you understand anyway

    I know someone from twitch like 3 years i kinda like him cus he was talking to me all time
    i was not know that he have gf and i fall in love with him and i was show him my pics
    in valentine day 2016 i ask him if he and his wife interested about this valentine day he said no and that wife think valentine is stupid or something anyway
    he said he gonna be there to chat with me then after 10 days he chagne he get so mad at me
    i inslut his wife in twitter cus she is inslut me first then i said something that i should not say and i was not mean it
    she said to me in twitter that i am chat with her husband in 1 am and she said that her husband dose not like my messages

    then after this he said to my friend which is is not his wife he said to her i love you and she said i love you too cus she is used to be my friend i mean this friend not his wife he making joke want me to get mad

    cus he think that i hate my ex friend cus she is hate me i mean his friend that used to be my friend not his wife

    cus the guy think i am in love with him okay then i start get mad at his friend which she used to be my friend cus he know that i hate that friend

    but his wife also hate me and she tweet say "you stay away from him" i dont even try to steal him form her so i get so mad we now not talking cus i bother him alot cus i was making accounts and send him message

    he sometimes answer me with kind of words and sometimes he mad at me

    he actually embarrassment me and hurt me alot front of his friends in twitter and other websites even with enemy that he know i hate her so much which is he support her

    i have give him so much things so we can stay like friends i keep fighting and get angry to his friends faces he talking so bad about me

    i get banned so manytimes in other website cus he hate me he now sending message to friend that hate me so she can post it in twitter she dont know how to inslut people

    but cus she hate me he now with this friend that not with his wife he also with his wife but you know .

    after also get kick from server i make new account aftr few month ago
    to see what they was talking about in chat app then i find out that he talk about me and his friends was call me things very bad in server

    and forum

    also after i get banned again i was streaming he come to my chat saying "hey" i did not reply him then he said " please dont ignore me" then i did not say anything then he said my name then i said "fuck you"

    then he said " say again i did not hear that " i was so angry when i said it ..

    after few month ago i make server for chat with people i have put my link in my panel and then he join my server without i know then he out from it that was before valentine day 2018 come then in twitter he said to this friend that hate me so much and not his wife he said to her " i am so glad i am not with this shit anymore " cus i talk so bad about his friend cus she is out of her liine

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