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friend talks to my boyfriend and not me

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  • friend talks to my boyfriend and not me

    idk if Im posting this in the right section or not but my boyfriends best friend just started to date this girl but has recently left the country for a mission trip. My boyfriend had hung out both of them a few time before his friend left. I didn't really get a chance to meet her till later because of my work schedule. I hung out with her once while her bf was still in town with my bf. After he left we decided to hang out with her more often to get to know her while he's gone. So we planed a day to hang out. Everything was fine but the more we hung out i noticed how she would strike up a conversation with my boyfriend with thing he likes more than me. i would try to talk to her but nothing really seemed to interest her unless it had to to with something my bf liked. she would post something on instargam when we would all hang out and just tag him and pay more attention to him. She msgs him a lot and dosnt msg me at all and the few times she had msg me was about my boyfriend or she keeps it very short and dosnt continue a conversation. Recently she just asked my boyfriend to hang out but just the two of them. My boyfriend has notices all this as well so he said no. Her boyfriend comes back in a couple week so we dont know if its because she misses him or what it is. We havent talked to her about this at all because we dont want things to be awkward when her bf comes back. I honestly do consider her as a friend but this makes me and my boyfriend uncomfortable and dont know if we should continue to hang out until his friend comes back or if we should talk to her about it

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    Your boyfriend shot her down on the one-on-one invite so I'm not sure what the problem is. Your boyfriend should be less in contact with her via any means if he's responding to attention and eventually she'll likely get the hint and dial it back a bit.
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      She's probably a bit stupid and naive and needing male attention. Have nothing to do with her and if it continues be honest about how you both feel. Friendships shouldn't come before a committed relationship.