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Wanna have incest with my uncle?

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  • Wanna have incest with my uncle?

    I guess my explanation for this would be pretty long. First of all, Iím 16, 17 On March 19th. Iím a male, and Iím gay. Iím not very stereotypical. I have looks, I have a low pitched voice, im not dramatic, etc. I act like a straight guy.

    Iím a loner, Iím really an outcast from everyone else, etc etc.

    My relationship with my uncle has been okay I guess all my life. Heís a really cool nice guy, but Iím nothing like that and I donít really adapt well with people like that. As a child I thought I hated him and my sisters and him would team up against me messing with me like when he would pick me up and put me upside down in his arms.

    But now whenever I see him when Iím forced to go to a restraunt by my mom and most of the family is there I just say hey back to him. Sometimes heís hugs me.

    I never really talk much at all, or anyone that much. So itís not just him Iím like that to. He tries with me though, and I love when people do that, I just donít know how to try back.

    Anyways, lately Iíve been thinking about him a lot.

    Iíve thought about incest with him before and I did think it would be great and hot but I didnít obsess over it or anything like I am now. Now lately I canít stop thinking about it.

    Heís bald. But looks good that way, heís been bald since he was like in his 20/30s I think. Heís 45 now. But he still looks like heís in his 20-30s I swear.

    Heís really attractive, skinny and seems muscular tbh. Pretty sure heís athletic even though he doesnít actually coach or do anything like that. Heís played basketball with us as kids, likes swimming, etc. Itís funny cause I never like basketball like that even as a kid and Iím a boy when my sisters liked it more, just more proof I was gay even then.

    He has like really nice pale white skin, heís straight and is married to my aunt whoís a really nice woman.

    Heís like a really straight guy thatís a great uncle,

    But I think heíd enjoy fucking me. I feel like heíd enjoy having a guy for once. And someone so young. And I feel like itís be so intimate between us both.

    I think the source of this obsession is like 2 nights ago I had a dream where the family was on vacation or something and I was on the couch next to my mom and he sat down shirt off only boxers on and he was really muscular it was so hot.

    I tried not to be in love.

    For some reason he had his balls out of his boxers. And he had like 2 sets of balls(ITS A DREAM.) both sagging in his lap with his sitting down(I donít know why my dream allowed this to be okay in front of everyone and in front of me. I think my brain mustíve been like ďoh itís just his balls so heís just joking aroundĒ BUT ITS STILL HIS GENITALS.

    Anyways, I started to get hard and I got a boner on the couch next to him and I pretended it wasnít because of him, and it was like my actual cock hard in front of my him and my mom I guess? It wasnít through pants or boxers. But I pretended like it just wasnít hard or anything and they like probably knew it was because of him.

    So then Iím off the couch and Iím like ok you know what Iím gonna do it.

    So Iím searching for him all around the vacation house and thereís like some random people in some rooms and Iím just looking and I finally find the room that he sleeps in with my aunt when we go on vacation in Virginia, and I donít even care anymore, I rush in and Iím not even gonna knock and explain I was ready to fuck him.

    I rush in and heís not even in there. And my dream, or any memory of it, ends there.

    After that dream Iíve been obsessed. I canít stop thinking about him slowly taking my virginity, probably having his first male. Having me.

    It would be so intense, yet I would want it to be nice and slow. I would moan Michael as I jerk my cock entangled with him.

    My actual plan for this ever happening is little to nothing, but have thought maybe when Iím older I could text him when itís only him at his house. (He has like 3 children 2 girls 1 boy all very young and my aunt)

    And I would come over then and he would be like ďHey TylerĒ ďWhatís up?Ē

    And I would be like ďHey micheal. I uh.... I wanted to ask you something.Ē


    Maybe we sit down on his couch or something. And I would be like ďI uh.. I want to.. have incest with youĒ

    And wait for his reaction.
    I donít know how heíd react. Maybe shocked. Or disgusted? Or angry. Maybe heíd just be like ďIím not gay though..Ē
    Or like ďTyler. I canít have incest with you.Ē

    I donít know if heíd really even accept but I wish it could happen.

    Does anyone have an opinion on this, or advice?

    If someone has advice on how to get my mind off it please do say, or how to get this to happen please also do say.
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    It would be extremely inappropriate for you to approach your uncle in such a manner.

    Instead of doing that, go see the movie "Call Me By Your Name" and fantasize about someone your own age who you aren't related to.
    "First off, welcome to the Relationship Forums, You'll come to understand that I don't pull any punches when giving my opinion/advice and I hope you're not so sensitive to what I see as the truth of the matter." Me!


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      This seems like a joke and a troll. Did you just nut yourself while writing that? Enjoy your inner fantasies and jerk off all you want in the privacy of your bedroom but don't look for trouble and ruin your life.


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        I call troll.

        If you're truly not a troll, get a freaking grip. There's no way you're that socially awkward that you don't know this is wildly inappropriate.
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          Definitely troll.
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            Anyone else see "Call Me By Your Name?" Its a superbly acted Gay Love Story. (Up for a few Academy Awards including best Actor for the 17 year old who falls in love with a 25 year old).
            "First off, welcome to the Relationship Forums, You'll come to understand that I don't pull any punches when giving my opinion/advice and I hope you're not so sensitive to what I see as the truth of the matter." Me!