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Should I write my In Laws a heart felt letter?

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  • Should I write my In Laws a heart felt letter?

    So I posted previously about the situation with my wife and I. Should I write my in laws a heart felt letter? I did not really get along with them that well. I thought about writing them a letter stating their positive traits and apologizing for problems that were made by me and that I forgive them and I would understand if they did not forgive me but if they do forgive me to not do it for me but do it for Jesus and that I love all of them even if they still hate me and that regardless I hope everything goes well for them.

    My wife is actually not getting along with her family right now either but she also hated that her family and I never got along.

    What do you guys think?

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    Stop with the drama and please do not contact your in-laws at all. Let them be and let your wife/ex-wife be. The best thing you can do for everyone is to just stop, take up a couple of hobbies in earnest and stop making other peoples' lives difficult. Don't bring Jesus into it because he would probably know when to let go and let the crowd come to him.


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      In person is better for talking to your in-laws but if they reside faraway, a heartfelt letter is very good. However, I wouldn't write anything about their forgiveness, their doing it for Jesus and your forgiving them otherwise you'll really anger and push them away permanently. Don't mention the part where 'if they still hate you, etc.' You have to be very careful when you write letters especially to in-laws, family or anyone for that matter. Tread lightly and show humility. Just do your part by writing that you're sincerely sorry for . . . . whatever it is you did, express your remorse, admit your mistake(s), wrongdoing and most of all be humble. Take ownership with your regrets and how things went down. Do the right thing. Never add to that otherwise, it'll backfire with either a backlash in the future or they'll ignore you completely which is terrible and not what you want. People who receive your letter will decide whether to forgive you or not. You don't dictate what they should do. Never do that otherwise you anger the recipient. All you can do is keep your letter simple and caring but be careful not to say the wrong thing. When you over think it, your letter won't be received well. Just lower yourself, be humble and people come around eventually if they're mature and intelligent. For yourself and your wife, remain respectful, polite, cordial and diplomatic at all times even if there are feelings of indifference or animosity. Everyone cannot have the most ideal relationship but at least you can strive for peace.
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