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  • Man is nuts

    Been with for 25 years. When man says to wife "I wish I could stab you but your not worth going ro prison for, should I be worried

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    Yes. I am telling you this from the bottom of my heart. You NEED to get out of there now. This is an ABUSIVE relationship. Call a friend and stay with them, or with your family, but don't tell him where you are. call the police. get in contact with a battered women's shelter. petition for a restraining order. the point is, you need to get out of there NOW. please listen to me before it's too late, and message me if you have any more questions.


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      Oh ffs. There is absolutely no indiction that this is an abusive relationship... however it could be. Does he talk shit like that to you often?

      Snipped (read wrong).

      Under what circumstances did he say that to you, Nikky? How has your relationship during the last 25 years been? Happy? Lonely? Abusive physically, mentally or emotionally? (I have a feeling verbal abuse may be the norm for the two of you)
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