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She is friends with my ex

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  • She is friends with my ex

    I met a woman 13 years ago through my ex as she was the girlfriend of my ex's best friend. We were good friends and then lost touch for a while until a few years ago.

    This woman split with her ex 3 years ago as he would not marry or have children with her after 10 years yet he got married and had a child 18 months after they split.

    Whenever I see this woman she always brings my ex up and her ex as she still lives in the past. She always says she wonders what my ex would say about the way she was treated by his mate.

    Recently she has added my ex on social media. I think she is trying to get to her ex again by using my ex as a contact link. I felt sick as my ex has liked some of her photos and I want no contact with him. I also don't want her telling him my business.

    She knew my ex and I split 7 years ago as he was physically and emotionally abusive to me so why become friends with him. I don't know if I can be friends with someone who thinks it is ok to talk to abusers and she still lives in the past.

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    I agree. She is definitely using you. I would say you need to unfollow her/block her on social media, and block your ex too. In fact, block all of them. If you're worried about what they will think if you block them, just remember, the way that she's treating you is wholly unfair. You need to get her out of your feed, out of your mind, and out of your life. Your well being is the most important. never forget that. make sure to message me if you have any more questions. XO-Elle


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      I'm not sure what the problem is. I wouldn't just delete her. I'd delete and I'd block her and then I'd do a search on whatever app it is and I'd find all alternate aliases with identical or similar names and I'd block those too. I'd also eliminate any third parties within any degrees of association. After that, I'd privatize all of my feed, photos and profile information to my connections only. And you know that that's only as good as the internet goes. Don't associate with anyone having to do with your idiot abusive ex in real life either.


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        Who the Fk has time to do all of that ^ ???

        Op: Since you don't think you can be friends with her then don't be friends with her. If you don't have any contact with her then there will be nothing that she can report about you back to your ex. Block her and block your ex (if you haven't already) and get on with your life without them or their drama in your life.
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