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  • blended family dramas....

    when you are divorced and remarried and attend an event for your child who insists you sit with your ex.. then your current wife gets annoyed at the request and complains at having to sit with her.. but finds it perfectly acceptable when you attend a step child event for her son for us to be taken in her exes car, at her request (as it saves us driving and he has a nice BMW), and have to sit with him for the whole evening.. that's just fine...thank you very much....and when you point that out you are told not to be so ridiculous and get over it.

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    It works to everyone's advantage for exes and new spouses to get along for the sake of the children. However, if you feel uncomfortable about sitting with the ex during a child's performance, then she should be reasonable about it and not do it. How old is the child? The child needs to be made aware that divorced parents don't always need to sit together for a performance. Obviously when they get married, they should be in the pictures together, but other than that they are not obligated to sit with each other.
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      Rules that apply to one of you, should apply to both of you.
      If one of you feels uncomfortable about being in too close contact with the other's ex, that's a valid point. As long as it doesn't interfere with your childs happiness, your SO has the right to ask you to keep the personal contact between you and the ex limited.
      However, you in turn have every right to ask the same of her. It's one or the other.
      Either she realises you're equally uncomfortable with her contact with her ex and she backs away from him
      OR, she claims it's no big deal and she should be trusted around her ex and there are really no romantic feelings left between them and it's all in best interest of the kids... in which case she should allow you the same freedom.

      Do you think there's a reason why she feels insecure about your relationship with your ex? Does she feel inferior to her somehow? Has she ever been cheated on?