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I will never understand this man

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    Have you told your mother how much it hurts YOU to see what is going on?

    If she understood how this is hurting her children, it might motivate her to take action, stand up for her children, and find a way to either leave or compel him to change.

    Many women will let themselves be hurt for the sake of providing for their children. If she believed that you and your brother would be happier living in a motel room or a small place rather than stay with this man, she might feel free to make a move.
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      I agree with Maggiemay4791 . There's plenty of solutions to your mother's problems.


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        In my opinion, It is obviously both parties has a problem. Obviously your stepfather had a foul mouth and mostly probably your mother has done something that get him so mad at something. This means your stepfather does not respect your mother, and she also made a mistake on leaving her life with him. Better tell your mom or advice her and talk to her that this is not good for your family anymore.
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