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Stopped liking a close friend

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  • Stopped liking a close friend

    For about 3 weeks now I just haven't really liked one of my friends. I don't dislike her, I just feel a kind of indifference. We were pretty close and I'm not mad at her for doing anything, I just don't really feel like I want to go out of my way to talk or hang out. There was no fight--we just don't really talk or do anything. I probably would if she tried to talk to me but she's the type of person that expects everyone else to initiate a conversation but never does anything herself, then gets mad when no one is talking to her. It's getting worse now because instead of actually asking me anything she just posts cryptic stuff on her social media that seems like it's supposed to make people feel bad for her. I don't know what to do but I want to know if anyone has any ideas why a person would just lose interest in a friendship because there was nothing that sparked it.

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    Friends come and go over time over your lifetime. Don't worry about her and keep bringing in the most positive people in your life that you can. Find the ones that push you to be your best self and don't worry about the ones that are time suckers. Your time is too valuable for that.