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i have a testimony from a very powerful spell caster

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  • i have a testimony from a very powerful spell caster

    I have never been the spiritual type, so it made little sense to me when i came across a post talking about dr richard online, but i did a little research of my own and i saw a couple of other testimonials and good things they say about him online, this didnt make me believe, but when thing deteriotated for me days later i became desperate, so when i innitially contacted famole it was because i have done everything i can within my power to savage my marriage.Things were good for us for about 2 years after we married, we have a son until my husband ex decided to move back to town then things went from perfect to bad,first it was the late night, but he wpould apologise, then he started drinking more, at these stage he started feeling less guilty about his ways, one day we had a very heated argument and he actually told me he doesnt love me anymore, i dont let him live to the fullest, im stereotype, he said a lot. he seem different to me after this and became more distant, sometimes he would stay out 2 days at a time and when he comes back he wont have an excuse to give and wont feel sorry, he trampled on me a lot and i let him have his way because i love him too much until he decided he wants a divorce, even though i doont have him before when he told me this i cried all night and decided to consult famole. dr richard has kind words, he seemed so sure my situation is not a big deal, i didnt believe him then but hoping his spiritual theraphy will work for me was so easier than accepting the reality of losing my husband forever.
    dr richard told me to give him 7days but i started seeing results in 4days.
    i came back home from work to find him at home he knelt down and begged me while crying to forgive him for all his wrong doings, it was the way dr richard told me he will behave. He begged me for another chance, i cried a little because this is too unbelievable, for me and i owe my happiness to dr richard
    i told him before he started my spell that i will tell everybody about his powers till the end of the earth if he helps me restore my family and i plan on doing that.
    here is his website.