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What Should I do? Should I help?

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  • What Should I do? Should I help?

    This new kid at my school has been here since august and he s been involved in some relationships. 3 so far and they all ended up badly. All of them were with some close friends of mine too. In the most recent one he was caught in so many lies and was unfaithful etc. etc. and now he kinda doesn t have any friends anymore because of what he got himself into.

    to be honest, I wanted to be cool with him a long while ago because I needed a new friend and you know, he s the new kid so yeah. I m not really looking for his friendship as of now, but for some reason I can t help but feel bad for him now that he s where he s at. I know it was his fault but I feel as if I really wanna help him out and give him some advice.

    As a matter of fact he came up to me earlier and said that he wanted to talk to me later on (About his newest screw up I m guessing) I said okay but he never got back to me.

    I feel as if he s the same person I used to be and that I ve felt how he must feel now. I think that s why I wanna help him out, but if a majority of people and my friends totally look down on him and don t like him for what he did, then what would I look like helping him out? I want to but I don t want my friends to be mad at me for giving him of all people some advice.

    What should I do? I wanna help but I don t wanna be looked down upon as well. Can someone PLEASE help, thanks
    Update: You guys, he's crying over whats happened and I feel like crap for some reason! Like its bothering me

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    Re: What Should I do? Should I help?

    Why are you taking on someone else's problems? This sounds like a guy to avoid, not help.

    From what you've described he's his own worse enemy, and if you're not careful you'll soon be one too.

    Best to socialize with people that are emotionally healthy, don't you think?


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      Re: What Should I do? Should I help?

      Maybe you could advise him to go to his school counselor and talk to a professional about how to grow from this cheating young man into someone who people actually can like and trust to not to screw them over.

      Its commendable that you don't want to leave this guy blowing in the wind but don't feel guilty if you distance yourself from him after advising him to get help and guidance from a professional. You would be doing what is in his best interests.

      He needs to suffer the consequences of his actions in order to learn a lesson so that he makes the efforts he needs to in order to make change in himself.

      "First off, welcome to the Relationship Forums, You'll come to understand that I don't pull any punches when giving my opinion/advice and I hope you're not so sensitive to what I see as the truth of the matter." Me!