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  • Judgemental friend

    I went out last night and my friends tried to set me up with a guy who is in his late 30s and still lives with his parents. I live with my parents but said I don't want a guy who lives with his parents as there would be no privacy. My 'friend' then kept saying "you have no right to comment'. I was infuriated as if I want to date someone who has their own place then I have the right to that opinion.

    Then later I said I did not want to date a guy from the walking group we used to go to as they are a bit weird at the group. Now everyone thinks the people were weird in the group. This 'friend' again started saying "people might think we are weird", which I said "we are not though" then she got all defensive again. I don't know why she was acting all opinionated again.

    I don't tell her that her opinions are wrong or comment on aspects of her life. I just feel like a constant battle and she won't accept that people do have a differing opinion. I think she feels threatened by me since a mutual friend let slip that her fiance tried to pursue me before they got together.

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    Re: Judgemental friend

    1) Why do you still live with your parents? Why don't you have your own place?

    2) Maybe that's just how she is. How long have you known this girl?

    3) If you aren't comfortable with how she is (even if she has a valid point every now and again), then don't be friends with her.